USA – CSA Hell – CSA demand money I do not have

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CSA Hell


CSA demand money I do not have

Posted: 25 Sep 2009 08:12 AM PDT

I have been in dispute with CSA for many years as I refused to accept an assessment they made when I once received a pay rise and my salary went from 12K to 15Kpa and my assessment went from 17.00 per week to 86.00 per week.

It took the CSA over a year to respond to my change of salary during which time I had only been paying 17.00 as I didn’t have any way of knowing how much the new assessment would be. When it was made, I objected and thought they had made an error as I couldn’t possibly afford the new assessment. The CSA are a law uto themselves and this law has its foundation in the failure of sucessive governments to address the real Child support issues.

The CSA has metamorphosised into ‘Debt Recovery Thugs plc’ who delight in frightening people, by using intimidating language both verbally and in writing, by using legislation that was no doubt originally designed to address the testosterone driven males whose sole desire was to repopulate the planet wihtout accepting responsibility.

Good honest hard working people can then be hounded to ensure that governments can be seen to be doing their bit to make UK a fairer place to live by not tolerating anyone who cannot afford to pay…the population of the UK want blood. They want to see justice being done. Guess what?…victims of the CSA also share visions for social justice, they too condemn vile perverts who seek to abuse our children, watch helplessly as weak sentences are handed out to Peadophiles and those who steal and contribute towards social breakdown.

The Debt Enforcement Liabioity Order and Bailiff Team have been formed so that we are unable to complain to our MP’s…why? because they are trying to appease those who believe that every single case being prosecuted by the CSA are the same. Everyone’s circumstanses are different we are unable to get a means test to pay arrears according to our abioity to pay, (which could actually be written into European Law) And they have now, in time-honoured tradition conven iently passed the buck from a government agency set up and destined never to be fit-for-purpose to an agency set up with the sole intention of providing ‘muscle’ and yeilding unprecedented powers to make people suffer because they had teh audacity to chal;leng the system which has never worked.

At one point the Independant Audit Commission revealed that for every Pound teh CSA recovered, it cost teh tas payer 1.50.

Along with thousands of others, I believe that the CSA and the Enforcement mafia that the CVA has conveniently evolved into as an abomination.

Social justice in the UK has finally been challenged and we must ask ourselves how much longer will this iniquitous situation be allowed to continue before more people are affected and people start to respond in teh same what they did when teh Poll Tax was first steamrollered into our lives.





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