UK – Lawyers earn more from busking than legal aid

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Sep 24, 2009


Things must have reached a low ebb if Law Society council members are resorting to busking.


Basil Preuveneers and Denis Cameron, above, took to the streets this week to highlight the fact that legal aid earnings have become so eroded that lawyers’ rates are now £70 an hour – or less, when fixed rates are paid regardless of how much work is done.


In the 40 minutes they busked they raised nearly £70 – proving that they could do better as street musicians then defending people’s rights.  They have donated the money to the Law Society Charity, which distributes funds to other charities and initiatives.


Basil Preuveneers said:


We therefore feel that basic justice is being denied to many people especially in some areas where there are almost no lawyers willing to undertake legal aid work for certain types of work. There are luckily still many lawyers with a social conscience who are prepared to work for legal aid rates, but it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to make ends meet. Denis and I decided to busk as street musicians in order to publicise this matter in a light-hearted manner  and in a way that we hope will attract the attention of the public to a matter of great concern.



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