NZ – E-newsletter – Office for the Community & Voluntary Sector – Issue 27 ~ 24 September 2009

Up on Ration Shed – Egroup and BLOG – with thanks to; Minister TuriaGrant Aldridge – NZ – Wellington – OCVS and the Office for the Community & Voluntary Sector


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A very impressive publication of people doing GOOD works in New Zealand and around the world.


I hope they will allow input from Ration Shed and the lessons learnt the hard way as we strive the **Equal Parent** our Kids in a world that seems hell bent on tearing the old fashioned FAMILY to pieces.


When we individually and as a Nation, seek Justice, love mercy and walk humbly before God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit efforts of this nature will improve the Human lot – Until then we flounder in the limited box of Humanism. Adapted from Micah 6:8


Come join FAMILY Orientated Authors.

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Onward – Jim



E-newsletter from the Office for the Community & Voluntary Sector
Issue 27 ~ 24 September 2009

This e-newsletter is now available online at the OCVS website

This e-newsletter is also provided in the attached Word file for those who prefer that option.


Section 1: OCVS News & Events

01: Payroll giving to be an option from January 2010

02: Cabinet documents reinforce Government’s commitment to building strong community relationships

03: Community-Government Forum to discuss development of a Relationship Agreement

04: Generosity Project working on 30 initiatives to encourage giving

05: Demand for stakeholder engagement seminar overwhelming

06: Community newsletters – a great way to reach wider audience


Section 2: Sector & Government News & Events.

07: Simpler funding model trial for social services

08: Charities Commission answers questions on fundraising and charities

09: Opportunity for formal recognition of in-house training programmes

10: 2011 Rugby World Cup looking for 5,000 volunteers

11: Survey on NGOs’ voice in political decision-making underway

12: Community-based providers needed to run new holiday programmes – Tenders open

13: Recent New Zealand resources/publications for communities and government

14: Overseas resources and publications for communities and government

15: Key dates, events and conferences



End notes.
If you do not want to receive any further email updates from the Office for the Community and Voluntary Sector, please email   with ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject line.

The Office for the Community and Voluntary Sector exists to inspire co-operation and superb relationships between the government and the community and voluntary sector. You can find out more about the OCVS on our website, by email at, phone: 04 918 9555, or by fax 04 913 3080.


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