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Legally Kidnapped


Child protection study almost ready

Posted: 24 Sep 2009 05:23 AM PDT

Child protection study almost ready

The most comprehensive study of child protection measures in Scotland is nearing completion, MSPs have heard.




CPS workers excel despite scant support

Posted: 24 Sep 2009 05:23 AM PDT

CPS workers excel despite scant support

Recent events got me thinking of a conversation I had with a co-worker a while back. He had served on a jury that was deciding whether to take five children away from a mother who neglected them and allowed others to abuse them. It was one of those hard cases with no good option and no good news.




Grandmother Talks About Bathtime Pics Case

Posted: 24 Sep 2009 05:21 AM PDT

Grandmother Talks About Bathtime Pics Case

A grandmother is speaking out about the case of a Peoria couple who have been making national headlines.




Namibia: Judge Slams Official for Stalling Adoption

Posted: 24 Sep 2009 05:06 AM PDT

Namibia: Judge Slams Official for Stalling Adoption

AN OFFICIAL in the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare who has been delaying the adoption of a Namibian baby by a Canadian woman became the target of stinging criticism from a Judge in the High Court yesterday.




State-at-a-Glance Coverage and Financing Charts

Posted: 24 Sep 2009 05:03 AM PDT

State-at-a-Glance Coverage and Financing Charts

Some stat’s for you.




submitted by anonymous

Posted: 23 Sep 2009 09:00 AM PDT

my daughter today has been told her unborn child will be removed from the hospital as soon as she has given birth. she has had a problem with drugs in the past and is now rehabilitating. she is on methodone program and hopes to be down to a low level by the time her baby boy is born, she has a 4 year old son who currently lives with his grandad and has done for the past 18 months she has been told to by social services that it is now to late for them to offer her support to keep the baby they have continually thwarted any attempt to keep her informed for instants if they say a coat is white they will insist they told her it was black she suffered appalling injury at the hands of her x partner who incidentally got her on heroin because he was a dealer, and regularly beat her her she got her self out of that situation with a 2 yr old, she has met a nice man now and wants to settle down with his child and the elder one but this wont be possible as social services are adamant it wont happen. what happened about giving her a second chance? she only sees her son for 2 hours a week and he absolutely adores her and even now cries to go home to mummy. she has never hurt a hair on his head and is a good little mum, she has never put her child in significant harm how can she fight the lies and deceit which determines weather shes a mum or not!! they are completely lying about her and her partner who has never used drugs what hope for them??




Submitted by Anonymous

Posted: 23 Sep 2009 08:57 AM PDT

My child was “legally kidnapped” by Children and Youth Services of Crawford County, Meadville, Pa.

It is such a long ordeal. Starting when she was 3 and court ordered visits with bio/father. I kept journal of her behaviors that were concerning and of things she said. She has told of abuse, all kinds since 3, but wouldnt repeat it to the official people needing to hear it from her. And when she has told the “right” people, they interview the bio/father and let it go. Things such as “inappropriate discipline” for a 3 year old. and most recently, at 7 years old, July 08, she has told all the right people of a pool incident occuring in care of bio/father at bio/father’s parents house, that daughter has said”Daddy John hurt me, i am afraid of him, he will be mad I told.

“Daddy john wouldnt stop dunking me and couldnt hop on one foot forever”
This was dismissed after interviewing bio/father as a “normal” splashing event. 3 weeks later my daughter has such disturbing behaviors that we child line it. Forensic exam shows sexual abuse. But since my daughter didnt come right out and say” i was sexually abused” they wont take the pool incident as the place it must of occurred.

Instead– they took my daughter on June 19, 2009 and put her in foster home, without contact from her family and now that she has been secluded- Children and YOuth SErvices’ psychologist has taught her a vocabulary (one she had was quite advanced for a 7 year old) and now she has named her oldest brother as the one who sexually abused her, plus her bio/ mom now knew about it, and her stepdad, threatened her to keep quiet about it.

Her stepfather and myself-her bio/mom are in shock, we childlined it, we did everything we could to protect her, get her help for her symptoms and yet IT ALL HAS BEEN TURNED ON US, AND WE NOW HAVE A MESS–NO DAUGHTER, AND it is taking all we got to fight to get her back.

bio/father has a criminal record, arrested 1 month after the pool incident for growing drugs, and his 2nd dui. Yet they polygraph him as the investigative tool, and passed, eve though he had been growing marijauana and hadnt got caught with it at the time of polygraph. How can one pass a polygraph while knowing you are doing other illegal things?? Because my ex is a socio path and i left because he was punching the bed beside my curled up body everywhere when i was pregnant with her, and threatened to kill the baby if i didnt stay with him. Drank heavily, urinated in the kitchen sink, and tried to make me sell marijuana. I left. He then harassed my parents via phone, and threatened to take my 4 children i had to my ex-husband away too. Had to call State POlice to get him to stop harassing my parents.

What is with this system in Crawford County??





Posted: 23 Sep 2009 08:56 AM PDT


A couple my cousin and her daughter lived with for a little over a year is seeking custody of her child. On 8-26-09 the couple claimed she abandoned her child last year and filed a intervention in a pending Attorney General child support case my cousin filed on her Childs father. The couple is requesting sole custody. They want the child to have no visitation from the biological parents or relatives. This couple has lied to CPS, police, judges, government welfare services, identifies there self as Foster Parents and gossips to anyone who will listen.

On 8-20-09, I witnessed my cousin attempt to retrieve her and her child’s belongings and child from their residence. Law enforcement escorted us to the home but would not order the surrender of child. She was allowed to retrieve some of her belongings that had been placed in the garage. She was verbally attacked and accusations where made to embarrass and prevent her from living with her child. The local CPS office was closed leaving us with no options until the day. She made a report/complaint with the Child abuse hotline that her CPS case was closed in May 2009 and her former case worker had confirmed to her relative (me) 4 hours ago the case was closed. She explained the couple she lives with is stating its open and they are not to give her the child because a emergency suit was file and the CPS case was a emergency re-opened. She stated she was moving out of the home and they are making false claims in an attempt to keep her child. The whole time she lived with them telling her, her family was going to take the baby away and that they would never do that to her. They have now confronted her they are going after custody.

On Friday 8-21-09, a CPS investigator went to the couple’s home. We can only assume to investigate claims the couple was making to CPS about the Childs mother. Late that evening the CPS investigator calls and states she is getting 3 different versions on what is going on, an wants to set up a meeting Monday Aug 24,2009. Sunday Aug 23 ,2009 at around 7:00 pm we were told the meeting (a round table) was to take place at the Weatherford, TX CPS office. This meeting location was 3 hours away and we got less than twenty-four hour notice.

On 8-24-09, the meeting took place. The CPS investigator, investigator supervisor, Biological mother, maternal great aunt, maternal 2nd cousin , Mrs. ****** arrived on time but Mr. ******** was a hour late. (Couple who will not release child) After the first hour of the meeting CPS employees spoke with the biological mother alone for about a hour. Everyone was called back into the meeting, and at this time Mr. ******** was here to participate. As the meeting continued the first 25 minuets was spent backtracking to fill Mr.******** in on what he missed. Then it was announced the child would transition to the maternal cousin. Mrs. ******** became upset and ran out of the meeting crying, and slamming the door. She was unable to compose her self and act in the best interest of the child, her participation in the meeting ending at that time.
Mr.******** questioned CPS on why the mother should get the child, stating they can care for here and that it wasn’t right. CPS was more concerned with the Mr. & Mrs. T’s feelings then the bio. mothers. Mr. T insisted it was not right that cps was not going to permanently allowing them to keep the child. A transition schedule was planned and started in three days. We all received copies of the signed participation plan we agreed to.

I had prayed for this day for a long time. She was just 17 years old when her daughter was born and involved with an abusive boy friend. Yes she made some bad choices, abusive boyfriend then to a emotionally abusive controlling environment by living with this couple but I thought everything was getting on the right path. I was very wrong.

On Aug. 28, 2009 the first day of visitation went horribly wrong. I should have listened to my guts warning. We spoke with Mrs. T the day before the scheduled pick up at the Childs daycare. Mrs. T insisted on the bio. Mothers attendance to assist me with any issues that might arise with me trying to pick the Child from daycare. On pick up day we exited my vehicle walking to the daycare entrance and the bio. mother was served with Mr. & Mrs. T’s petition in intervention to suit and court order.

How can a couple get a restraining order allowing them to temporary keep a child they have no legal rights to. They only filed because CPS and bio mother made plans to remove the child from there care and possession. How is this not interference with a CPS investigation for this couple to not follow the plan and file suit. How can CPS get away with NOT physically removing the child from this couples home on the 28th of Aug.? Filing a suit when they have no proof of rights ( because they have no rights) or that the child was endanger, and retain the child from the bio mother who cared and provided for. I was not a party to this suit and have guardianship over the child yet no one removed the child from this couple’s physical possession, after it was clearly not an appropriate placement. How is this not kidnapping ! All we can do now is wait until the hearing in 11 days.

People need to know about the legal unjust way my second cousin was kidnapped.


I witnessed emotional abuse to the biological mother on several occasions. I feel the Mrs. T may suffer from a mental illness. They use the child to fill his or her unhealthy emotional needs at the expense of the parent and child relationship.

My cousin has been verbally attacked, spy upon, and accused of actions they have no personal knowledge only to bully, harass, embarrass, intimidate, and isolated so they may keep her child. Emotional abuse, brainwashing, and communicating to third parties they are foster parents and they are to care for and withhold the child from the bio. mother is just plan abusive. The couple uses poor judgment in allowing a person with a pending 1st degree felony (Drugs) to live in the home. This places the child in danger yet they keep her from her mother.

8-28-09 the couple displayed extreme, obsessive, and ongoing parental alienation that may cause terrible psychological damage to the child and my cousin. The Couple is not disclosing the correct location of the child when questioned giving me concern they are hiding the child or preparing to flee to Kentucky.
Mr.******** verbally via phone attempted to bully my cousin to come and speak with him in private to “work things out.” I am concerned with Mrs. ******* claiming she received information on “Aug 18” from a person who has been deceased for 13 years.

Isolation of the child from the bio mothers relatives with no just cause.
Couple makes false accusations in attempts to discredit and bully bio mother in an attempt to have short-term control over her and the child. Couple repeatedly allow their adult children and persons to have access to the child who have been known to exercise poor and bad judgment ,use drugs, accused of using drug, persons who have been in jail, committed domestic violence to bio. mother. Couple allows the adult son with a pending 1st degree felony (poss. drugs w/ intent to deliver) to live in home with them and the child.
I fear for the child’s safety and well-being in her current environment because the present abuse and neglect. The couples obstructed view and concerns for only their needs and wants is of great concern for the safety of the child.
I feel the child is in immediate danger and requested the child be removed from the home and care of the couple,…No one seems to care about what is going on. The bio mother and maternal family can and will provide a safe, drug free, abuse free, caring, and loving environment for the child to thrive in. Removing her from the danger, abuse, and drama is the only safe remedy for the abuse to stop but I cannot get anyone to take action. I just pray each day for her safety and the day a change is made. Children are the future… CPS and Law enforcement must be held accountable for not removing children from dangerous caregivers and environments. We must have justice and uphold parental rights. If CPS is busy, harass a innocent parent because it makes the job easier then who is helping the true victims. I have taken a community stand and will continue to fight and tell this story.

(Melody’s Story)




Submitted by Vickie

Posted: 23 Sep 2009 08:34 AM PDT

The following was submitted via the LK Submission Form

CPS is corrupt. My son and girlfriend had a new baby, they are taking him from them. They also will not talk to us, the grandparents. Saying they can not divulge any info to us. Small one horse town in Oregon, and the sheriff is married to the cps worker on the case, he has been heard making comments about how he wants to buy a baby, the cousin of the mother is married to a cop, and the other cousin is a jailer. All 3 are standing in line for our grandbaby, The cousin married to the cop hates my son and the mother, I know they have very little chance of getting the baby returned to them, My daughter wants to take the child, but we have no means to fight them, no attorneys will help unless you have a hefty bank account, we will have to live the rest of our lives knowing we have a child out there somewhere, our everyday lives will be empty now. IT will be like having a bouquet of forget- me- nots sent to us everyday for the rest of ours lives. WE can love this baby, why do they do this to families. I will go to my grave with a broken heart, and this baby will be forever lost to us just because we have no one to help us fight these people. nobody cares, nobody helps, they just write about it, nothing changes. I am sad, depressed and feel hopeless, and I am mad. no one will fight the cop or the sheriff, they have had this planned since they new of the mother being pregnant, so now the sheriff won’t have to buy a baby, he will get one for free, and get a monthly check to along with it. I hope they all rot in Hell for this.




Social worker training budgets need protection, says GSCC

Posted: 23 Sep 2009 07:36 AM PDT

Social worker training budgets need protection, says GSCC

The General Social Care Council (GSCC) is urging local authorities not to cut training budgets for social workers in a drive to save money.




DCF fires veteran spokeswoman in Broward

Posted: 23 Sep 2009 05:55 AM PDT

DCF fires veteran spokeswoman in Broward

The last several months have not been kind to the Department of Children & Families’ Broward County outpost.




Child ‘Traumatized’ After Being Left in School

Posted: 23 Sep 2009 05:47 AM PDT

Officials are investigating allegations that a little girl was left unattended in an Arizona school nurse’s office after administrative staff left for the weekend.



Brother, sister reunited after 70 years

Posted: 23 Sep 2009 05:42 AM PDT

With two clicks of a mouse, 76-year-old Traudy Schwenk’s life changed forever. She discovered she has a brother, living in Utah, that she never knew about.



Video: Investigators: Effort to keep ‘Poca’ case secret

Posted: 23 Sep 2009 05:38 AM PDT

A judge is allowing deals in Poca’s case to be made behind closed doors. KING 5’s Susannah Frame reports.




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