UK – Letter from Dave Currie re – The sooner Baroness Scotand QC goes the better:

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From David Currie 12a Keymer Avenue, Peacehaven, East Sussex, BN108NG, UK.   Tel: 01273  579480


Dear Editor,


The sooner Baroness Scotand QC goes the better:


As far as Family Law is concerned all she has been interested in helping is women, mothers, girls, women’s rights groups and ignoring the obvious need to include ALL victims of domestic abuses.


She and her powerful clan were/are instrumental in the stopping of equal funding across the whole spectrum of support/protection/procedures/Family Law  for Male’s/Father’s and their children, victims of female on male and child domestic abuse, violence, false allegations, parent alienation.


The damage to broken men/fathers and their families, male victims falsely accused of DV then removed from their family homes without police investigation to establish the truth, leading to flawed British Crime Survey’s due to the incorrect police records stating a male on female crime when it was a female on male and child crime.


Baroness Scotland QC. claimed that they were Robust British Crime Survey’s when stating her reasoning for not giving equality for male victims, even while being informed how the system was seriously flawed.


Fit fathers/husbands victims of false allegations F on M DV, DA, Sexual abuse, PA were/are forced from their homes, children, due to sexual prejudiced / apartheid policies, practices, procedures, Family Law, leaving them homeless, family less, severely traumatized, suicidal, broken men living in a nightmare world.


I know, I was/am one of them and wrote to inform her and ask for help. May she rot in Hell.


No matter how much 99% of the media and MP’s are informed of this serious social issue and the part Baroness Scotland QC has played in it – their silence is deafening and Parliament abuses the people with their acceptence of the feminist myth: “Women and girls ONLY victims, Men and boys ONLY perpetrators”




David Currie.


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