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Recently I was asked to write a chapter for a forthcoming book…


World Without Wars


Please read on…


War On Women And Children


By Maggie Tuttle


In 1943 I was born in Winston Green Prison Birmingham to a woman who called herself a mother. She was to me the wickedest woman on the planet; she was sentenced because she had gone to London heavily pregnant with me and left a two year old and three year old to look after themselves in the streets at the time my father was serving in the war. On her release from prison a judge order that I be kept at home with her to help stabilize her, my two sisters went into foster care.


So for 13 years I had to endure being beaten, starved, no education, locked for days in a room whilst she was out or away. I had no voice, and at the age of seven I jumped from the bedroom window so that I could end a terrible life; sadly at the time I lived. Who gave a damn and where were the do-gooders, and the judges?


I was just one of millions of children worldwide forced by governments to live a life that there are no words to describe to anyone, nor would anyone understand the plights of abused children, unless they have lived through the same situation.


It is a fact that apart from my two sisters in foster care, I have three other sisters buried in the Leicester cemetery and one child who ‘she’ burnt in the garden.


She (I can never utter that word M as I never had a true M) left when I was 13 and since then my father who was a good man but totally influenced by her, and had been since the day he married her, suddenly gave me all the things a child should have – food, care and love. But most of all he allowed me freedom of speech. Wow can you imagine I am allowed to say what I want at the age of 13?


So here we are, she has gone, and I then made a vow to myself, there will never be anyone in this world to ever rule me or my brain again. For this reason I have never once in my life taken drugs or alcohol. No man, women, politician or government will ever tell me what to do, not without an argument or after they have finished what they started out to do, which is to kill me via their system.


But tell me; has life for a child from my days changed for the better? NO, it has got worse, and still grandparents and dads have no rights, unless they can afford the courts, and in most cases they still get no rights.


Moving On


At the age of 17, I left Leicester and went to London, from where I studied music for two years. After two years I started travelling the world in show biz as a singer, and it was from here I got educated.


On my travels no matter where I was in the world, I was made aware of the children’s sufferings, maybe I kept seeing myself as a child, but my tears were there for them. You cannot go to university or sit in an office or a court and know of the torture of how children are abused and threatened that if they speak out to anyone about what is happening to them they will fear for their little lives, perhaps more beatings, sexual assaults, oh my God the pain.


*       I remember speaking to a lady who said she was abused by the system, locked in a room for days alone, and for a drink had to drink her own urine. She was age 5. And so it went on until she was able to run away.

*       In Ethiopia I came into contact with the spider people, not too many people have heard of them. Well here’s how it is, from birth their limbs are tied so that they will grow into adults unable to walk, and when they do start to get about, the only use they have are their two elbows and two knees, hence the spider people are born and named, and that is exactly how they walk. So they end up as beggars and this is the reason their limbs are tied up from birth. But who gives a dam? As far as I am aware nothing has changed in Ethiopia from 40 years ago. And the government knows this is still happening.

*       In Africa it has been reported in the last few years, that men with AIDS are having sex with baby girls because they are told by the witch doctors that sex with babies will cure AIDS. So again what are government or Charities and organisations doing? Very little is done other than meetings and conferences.

*       One day in India, a gentle loving lady by the name of Mother Teresa made the world aware of the starving children in all of India. She opened orphanages and begged the world to help her. What mother Teresa did do was wonderful and her legacy has been left behind for the children, but again what are the authorities doing? Again very little is done other than meetings and conferences.

*       India is touted as one of the five largest economies in the world. But the street children and slum dwellers are still living in the middle of a human waste and garbage, in poor sanitary conditions, urinating and defecating openly like animals. Surely there are many more poor people living hand to mouth outside the big cities all over India. But it is the plight of the poor children of city-slums that is particularly gut-wrenching, as graphically shown in the 8-Oscars winning film Slumdog Millionaire.


It does not matter what part of the world we go to, children world wide are being starved, raped killed, sold, used for pornographic purposes, sold for prostitution, cheap labour to work in factories, fields, babies sexually used to cure AIDS, little babies bodies used for medical research, kids used by paedophiles, kids as young as five being prepared for war, young girls sold into marriage, kids used for medical research via pharmaceutical drugs, kids taken from their families and fostered out or adopted, my God kids of the world are one of the biggest businesses there is to be had, with only the fostering, adoption and the courts it comes to billions of pounds. And there is so much more at stake, the whole issue of ill-treatment to children world wide is absolutely outrageous as these children have no voices.


So Where Are The World Governments To Help Protect The Children Of The World


They are too busy making wars on each other instigating political internal skirmishes, yes and probably having afternoon tea, maybe talking about the problem of the new children’s army, the little solders. Instead of going to school or playing in the fields with friends, they are starved to discipline and given guns to kill. I wonder if this is a civilised world we talk about.


So let the children suffer it’s another way for the Controlling Elite to bring down the population in numbers, far too many kids being born, I wish there where none.


The World Eugenics Society said at their Third World Conference in 1933 that by the 21st century the population must be bought down in the third world countries, like India, Brazil, Egypt, China, and Africa. As per that population control plan, India has the highest deaths from AIDS – judging by the deliberate inflated statistics to push for deadly carcinogens when what children need is a good diet and nutrition to fight malnutrition, says Dr Leo Rebello, President of AIDS Alternative International.


At one time it was Africa, the media blared that AIDS came from the monkeys – what bull. AIDS is and was man made. Incidentally, at the said meeting of this society, there where two very prominent people, one was Margaret Sanger who instigated all the family planning centres and was also involved in the birth control pill bought out in the 60s, the other person being Dr Ernest Rudin who went on to train the Doctors in Hitler’s camps and it was from Hitler’s camps that the birth control pill was born, so in the 60s the media gave great publicity that the birth control pill was freedom for women.


What About The Birth Control Pill


The only thing that has come from the birth control pill is women’s ill health, death and children born with disabilities and it is also stated that children born to women on the birth control pill have the third highest rates of cancer, world wide, and yes the population has also been bought down slightly, but at what costs, war on baby’s mothers and internal wars of people against each other of the world.


For many of the children of the world their lives mean only one thing to governments and that is, it all revolves around the population and money.


The Financial Influence


In the Western world many children are taken from their families by social services and the courts, grandparents have no rights, neither do fathers who are divorced unless they go to court to fight for their rights and they need plenty of money for this. The money that is made from no rights runs into billions of pounds a year. Think about it, if grandparents and dads where given rights to their children, the courts, foster care, adoption agents, solicitors, barristers, judges, QCs, social services, probation officers, the medical profession, of which all of these so-called “professional” people also have thousands of staff to be paid weekly, a foster career can earn over £500 a week, adoption agencies sell babies for huge sums of money, kids have become cattle, but grandparents and dads are free and could save the taxpayer millions of pounds a year with their love, support and finance. So if grandparents and dads had their rights to the children to give the love and care needed as nature intended, there would be mass unemployment in the system for the jobsworths making millions out of others misery. So no laws will be passed and children will continue to be maimed killed sexually abused and sold.


Would someone not think it was time to find out who set and made these laws giving no rights to grandparents and dads, yet strangers are given rights to kids? Think of the millions of children born with love and feelings and a voice, but not allowed to use these wonderful innocent and natural gifts they have, so until the end of time babies and children will continue to be abused by the system.


It is time for children to have rights of their own, and why do adults think they know what is best for a child? A child is never asked and many are bought up with lies and deceit when most of the time a child wants and needs love and support, not abuse. I say to all women if you want equal rights then you must give equal rights to the kids, and let them see their fathers, grandparents and other family members if they choose to.


For God’s sake stop your internal wars on a person you once loved and bore a child, if you love a child, then any person will want what the child wants, love, care and security.


Consequences Of Neglect


Having worked for many years with homeless people and set up many hostels in the east end of London, it is a fact that many of the homeless, alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes, ex-prisoners, mothers and fathers who beat children and so on, for many, these are the children who have been born and abused by the system, sadly never knowing love or a good secure home, and so again the abuse goes on to the next generation and in many instances can or may lead to crime.


In centuries past women where the healers of health, using herbs from the lands, but man came along and called them witches, and decided to burn them at the stakes, well there is no money to be made from herbs, so off man went to the laboratories with the herbs added the chemicals then patented them, and changed them into prescription drugs, so billions of pounds and dollars are made from patented then prescribed drugs.


So tell me, what is the difference between the pharmaceutical companies and the illegal drug barons selling cocaine and marijuana? There is no difference at all, only that prescription drugs are legal and the drug barons are not. But they are all killing people and kids for money.


The New Testimony With 10 New Commandments


Who knows, maybe one day a new Bible will be published with 10 new commandments as follows:


1.                  Gods name is now money


And thou shall pray for the following:


2.                  Thou shall sell legal drugs


3.                  Thou shall kill for money


4.                  Thou shall abuse kids


5.                  Thou shall sexually abuse kids


6.                  Thou shall sell and buy kids


7.                  Thou shall give no rights to grandparents and Fathers


8.                  Thou shall use kids as cheap labour


9.                  Thou shall vaccinate all kids


10.             Thou shall give no voices to kids.


Women are the givers of life and without women there would be no world, but there is a war on women and their bodies with hormones, birth control pills, and many other hormone drugs.


This nicely hidden war, behind the façade of scientific research and experiments, is the war politicians and scientists play the tune to the powers that be, and it will always continue.


The Truth Behind Hormone Replacement Therapy


It took me years of campaigning to tell the world and prove that women where being prescribed a hormone for menopause that was killing them, and turning their bodies into males-females half man, half women. In 1998 I staged the first conference in the world on the side effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy. Doctors from around the world attended in support of my findings, and although the database grew to over 11,000 from women who had contacted me, we where all ignored and still are, it is a fact that thousands if not millions of women have died from H.R.T. and thousands of young girls are dying from the birth control pill.


The female body is very complex and what the scientists want to know, is how women come from being little girls to puberty to menopause, why do you think women in their late 60s are now giving birth, we have little girls of four years starting their periods, girls as young as ten years having babies, you may get told by scientist we know how the hormones work in women’s bodies, well I have news for you, they do not, otherwise why are they still experimenting time and time again with their hormone drugs.


Doctors have been prescribing Testosterone for years to women, many of these women have grown clitoris extensions, and women refer to it as having grown a penis. And what of all the children born to women on the pill with genital defects half male half female. They where referred to as the Jonel Babies. And what of the women’s ovaries cut out with out consent of the women during a hysterectomy, ovaries fetch big bucks they are sold to scientists and then stitched into gay men’s bodies so they may one day produce babies. If you want to buy baby body parts go to Google put in baby parts for sale, and the bigger the fetish the more money is paid.


H.R.T. and the Birth control pill are both made with chemicals known as Oestrogen and Progestogen and are both documented as carcinogenic. Why is cancer such a huge illness in the 21st century? Shame women do not go off and do their own research – if they did, women would soon stop taking hormone drugs of any type. Incidentally all hormones are a form of steroids and again it is documented that steroids take the calcium from the bones. Osteoporosis is now affecting many of the younger women.


The war on women and children is vast and ongoing not only with violence, killings torture, sex trade, trafficking, forced marriages, female genital mutilation and killings of women in the Muslim religion, and baby girls in China left to die in the streets because they have been born of the wrong sex. Brazil and Russia I believe are on the same par with more kids living on the streets then adults in the community.


Children born with learning difficulties and put into care, I can find no words to write of there silent cries I do know that in psychiatric hospitals patents are beaten with cold wet twisted towels, cold and twisted because they leave no evidence. And for what, I am told a laugh by the twisted minds of the so good nurses, and what of their little bodies used for sex, and gang banged in the wards, who will ever believe a child with learning disabilities if they try to speak out.


And what of the 1,000s of women who for centuries had sex before marriage and babies out of wedlock, they where put in to the work houses before being renamed mental homes, women where locked up as being mentally ill for giving birth out side a marriage. Yes we women are going mad our babies are being born for mans reasons, even today some of these women are still in institutes, and what of there babies, yes sold by governments agents. Again most of these women where repeatedly raped in the establishments, just as the kids with learning difficulties are raped and abused.


In the 80s my little girl was a premature baby of 26 weeks, I named her Mahala meaning strength, beauty, love, I was told she had a 50/50 chance of survival she was perfect but needed to breath with the help of oxygen in an incubator, 12 days later a call from the hospital said, please come to the hospital now, we are going to take Mahala out of the incubator and let her die in your arms, she did, now I know why.


She was a six month baby and they fetch good money for researchers, baby parts can be bought from sights on Google. In Russia, Yugoslavia and Poland women are paid to become pregnant and if they abort at six months or more and they get a bigger pay out.


Women and children also suffer at the hands of the pharmaceutical companies because via their drugs and vaccinations they are also causing wars on women’s bodies and our minds. After WW2 doctors prescribed antidepressant drugs to women, only to control women via their drugs. During the war women found freedom whilst the men where at war, women where working in the factories and basically doing the jobs of the men, and with this new found freedom after the war of course women did not want to be or go back to being bare foot and pregnant at the kitchen sink, they wanted jobs and wages, and the freedom. This is a fact and was shown in a TV documentary.


Sadly people have been ruled from the beginning of time by religion and politics, and behind this are the Freemasons. I may not be there to see the world of robots taking charge of life and will do my best to prevent this happening.


You can think I am mad if you wish. What the world population wants to do is to clone the elite to bring down the population, leaving a few to work the fields and run the factories. In the book of Genesis it states man will destroy itself, but at the moment man is destroying and violating women and children.


So I will repeat man is destroying the world and itself, but they think via cloning of themselves it will be an ongoing world for but a few. And so little children and babies with no voices will be slaughtered and women’s bodies used for experiments for the cloning.


It’s called a war on women and children


Maggie Tuttle  <;  <>


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