USA – IL – South Chicagoans Demonstrate for Shared Parenting

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South Chicagoans Demonstrate for Shared Parenting

September 19th, 2009 by Robert Franklin, Esq.

Slowly but surely, the drive toward shared parenting gains momentum.  Here‘s a piece about a candlelight vigil, staged by fathers and mothers alike, in south Chicago (Southtown Star, 9/13/09).

It’s nothing much, but the article sympathetically portrays the anxiety and sense of loss fathers experience at their treatment by family courts.  Here’s one:

Richard Thomas had sole custody of his two teenage sons for two years until the day in 2007 when they visited their mother and never returned.

Today, Thomas’ sons are in foster care while he fights to regain custody. His battle began when his boys were visiting their mother and she decided to drop them off at a police station with instructions to say they had run away from home. The police believed their story and contacted the Department of Children and Family Services, Thomas said.

“This was a trick to steal custody from me,” Thomas said Thursday night during a candlelight vigil at the Markham courthouse. “She gets to see them every week. I don’t.”

There are others, but to its credit, the article quotes a non-custodial mother as well.  And that brings some focus to the issue that isn’t always present – the system of primary custody abuses non-custodial parents irrespective of their sex.  Non-custodial fathers are the ones we usually hear complaining, but that’s because they’re 84% non-custodial parents.

But the system of primary custody is a bad one regardless of which parent “wins” and which “loses.”  Ultimately, the loser is always the child.  And changing that system is what these parent’s candlelight vigil was all about. 

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