GLOBAL – Good Video for All Separating Parents to Watch

So if your ex is not allowing you to see your children you have a difficult choice to make for them?:

  1. walk away and your child suffers all the numerous effects of abandonment and the loss of a parent or
  2. stay and battle for your child’s right to have both parents in their lives and have the consequences below.

or hope one day:

  • the other parent will wake up and realise the damage they are causing or
  • the judiciary will recognise which parent is not able to compromise, co-parent, collaborate and put the children first.

Putting Children First – to help families involved in custody disputes. VIDEO  


Ayob, C., Deutch, R.  Andronicki, M. (1999) Emotional Distress in Children of High Conflict Divorce; Impact of Marital Conflict and Violence.  Family & Conciliation Courts Review, Vol. 37, No. 3. P. 297-315


 ·        Paraphrased results from the research listed above: The emotional profile who’s parents have been fighting over them, turn out like children who have their parents removed.

·         Regardless of children’s age:

  • ·         65% of the children show symptoms of anxiety where they end up in therapy.
  • ·         Increasing symptoms of anxiety
  • ·         56% develop attachment disorder (they fear abandonment and being hurt, therefore their friendships suffer and battle to become functioning adults with health emotional relationships, and don’t trust anyone.)
  • ·         48% end up with fears and phobias without explanation.
  • ·         44% including girls become physically aggressive
  • ·         31% suffer sleep disorders.
  • ·         29% become withdrawn and uninterested in previous activities
  • ·         27% clinically depressed
  • ·         24% oppositional behaviour
  • ·         21% prematurely sexualised (both girls and boys)
  • ·         13% bed wetting into their adolescence
  • ·         10% so psychiatrically impaired that they become disassociated.
  • ·         Children who’s parents fight over them and restrict contact, come out with a psychological profile of an abused child as they are being emotionally abused.







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