UK – Fathers 4 Justice dad ‘would repeat Batman stunt’


By Clare Alexander
September 11, 2009


A FATHERS 4 Justice dad from Farnborough who was jailed after climbing an M25 gantry in a protest over access to his daughter has said prison was no deterrent.

Geoffrey Hibbert, who dressed up as Batman for the stunt at junction 14 near Stanwell on August 15 last year, said he would do it again if he had to.

He was released from Wormwood Scrubs prison on September 3 after serving almost half of his six-month sentence.

The 49-year-old father, from Clayton Road, was sentenced in July after being convicted by jurors of one count of causing a public nuisance and a second of endangering motorists.

Mr Hibbert clambered to the top of the gantry, causing police to close off 12 lanes of the motorway while he protested against his treatment at the hands of the family courts.

He said: “Wormwood Scrubs was all right. It was not a deterrent.”

Mr Hibbert added he had 100% support from the other inmates.

“I was a cleaner in there. I was cleaning the landing outside the cells every day. I enjoyed it. It kept me active and I met a lot of new people, like loads of fathers who are going through the same scenario as me.”

Mr Hibbert described how he felt when the judge announced his sentence.

“I thought they were making a scapegoat of me and thought it was political,” he said.

Worth it

The desperate father said he had not seen his daughter since August 2007 and added that enduring prison was a price worth paying.

While he has no intention of protesting again, he said: “I would be prepared to do it again if I had to, yes. All children have the right to see both parents.

“The family courts are biased against mothers and fathers.

“There are women out there in the same situation as me. The judge should sit in a room with the children [and the parents].”   

Mr Hibbert said he dressed up as a comic book hero for his daughter.

“She likes Batman and Spiderman so it was a choice between the two. I did it for her. I did it for all the children in this world.”

He said he chose that particular place to climb the motorway so he could raise awareness in front of as many people as possible.

Mr Hibbert dismissed claims made during the trial that people could have been hurt, insisting he had been in complete control.

“The gantry is bigger than it looks,” he said.

A friend drove him to the motorway, and he said: “I felt nervous on the journey to the M25 but I did it for the children and they are worth everything.

“I had lots of support from the drivers. They were taking photographs shouting to me.”

Global support

Browsers logging on to the Get Hampshire website have expressed their sympathy for Mr Hibbert. 

Support for his cause has continued since and people across the globe have heard about his antics.

“Everyone who’s seen me has shaken my hand. When I was inside I had letters from Canada, Poland and Australia,” Mr Hibbert said. 

“I feel proud. There’s even things on YouTube about me. People are going through so much trouble with children and it’s wrong.

“The courts need to listen to what the children have to say.

“My daughter is the most special thing in the world.”


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