UK – DV – Course – How Should We Most Effectively Tackle Domestic Violence, Abuse And Sexual Exploitation

Up on Ration Shed – Egroup and BLOG – with thanks to; (Councillor) James Williams and George Rolph


YO – This looks good – Go well James


Come join FAMILY Orientated Authors.

Take note Go


Onward – Jim



If anyone else has received this invitation from James I would thoroughly recommend him to you. I knew of James long before he became a politician and I know he became one to try and change things from within. I do not think he can because it is Westminster and the culture of politics itself that corrupts and it is a process that can take years to happen or even just a few days. depending on the character of the man or woman themselves. (For those interested in how peer pressure within society or in groups can foster corruption in government, the police, on the streets, in businesses and social services etc, a good place to start is here: ) but I have great respect for James and do not believe that he himself is corrupt. At least, the system has not got to him yet and I hope it never does. Some do manage to resist it and they tend to be pushed out of the group at Parliament (Such as Kate Hoey, for example) because they do not fit in to “the way things are done.” Most just conform and the conformity is what corrupts.


Anyway, please go on the show if you can and listen to what James puts together and tell your story or give your information about your organisation or the books you write etc. It’s another chance to get the word out to the public. Below is what James sent me for one of his last shows and a link to the stations web site.


. “You can listen in on ExpressFM by going to the online website. In the top right corner of the page is “ON AIR” Click this and you’re in”.


George Rolph




———- Forwarded message ———-
From: <>
Date: 2009/9/17
Subject: Domestic Violence Course

Greetings brothers


I have managed to get myself nominated to attend a course in London on 5th October entitled :

How Should We Most Effectively Tackle Domestic Violence, Abuse And Sexual Exploitation


I expect it to be a bit steamy because I intend using material that I have been gathering to oppose the anticipated spin that will come from it. Like you, I am sick of the lies that are perpetuated that destroy families and kill people. At the centre of these lies I see the desire to grab and extort money whilst dressing it up as justifiable causes.


I would like to point out that not all of us politicians are corrupt. A list of expenses of Portsmouth City Councillors claims was recently obtained by the local media. My name was absent from the list because I had claimed nothing. Going on this course will be the first expense, but as the Tories’ equality champion in Portsmouth I would like to think that it is justified.


I have Monday from 1230 onwards booked a session at ExpressFM radio studios> Would either of you be willing to be recorded for my next show? You can pick the topic. It will be a pre-recording session and won’t get broadcast for at least a couple of weeks.




(Councillor) James Williams


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