GLOBAL – Legally Kidnapped

Legally Kidnapped


Leadership Change at Bureau of Child Welfare

Posted: 15 Sep 2009 05:35 PM PDT

Leadership change at the Milwaukee Bureau of Child Welfare




Police raid home for YouTube videos

Posted: 15 Sep 2009 05:01 PM PDT

Officers raided an East Austin home for child porn. But the twist may be that the videos were posted by the girls in those videos.




Parents Fight for Custody of ‘Sick’ Baby

Posted: 15 Sep 2009 04:56 PM PDT

Child Protective Services thinks Walter and Stacey Arnold abused their 6-week-old son. But, they argue a medical condition is to blame.




An email I recieved.

Posted: 15 Sep 2009 04:47 PM PDT

I lost my niece last year Sept.17,2008, and Cps didn’t do nothing to save her and now they have her little brother when they should have contact the father to pick him up anyway the Mother and Step Father Abused my niece and left her for death… it’s all over the Internet also her picture is on cps site… Savannah Pioch .. when I lived in California I had to deal with Cps and I do understand they are just doing their job but they kept Harassing me and accusing me of Child Abuse, not feeding my children, not giving them clothes, and a Roof over their heads. I have proven myself over and over that I had never Abused my children and that I do Feed them,clothes them and bath them I also lived in a few places but they had a Roof over their heads they wasn’t sleeping out side in the cold they where inside a home, or shelter but safe with me… my husband and I have been wrongfully accused on more then one a acagtion of Child abuse and neglect, Do to what we thought where friend’s and family also people that helped us when we needed some help and they would ask for my welfare money and my pay check for Drugs and Alcohol I would say NO and would leave and never speak to them … they would call or text leaving message of Threatening my life,my children, and husband, also Threatening me saying they are going to call CPS and Say that I’m abusing my children ….. there was one women that tried to get with my hubby and would tell my daughter that I wasn’t her mother that she was and would get mad because I wouldn’t Sign over my rights and give her my child so she called Cps and lied about me and my husband thinking that she would get what she wanted but still she didn’t get my daughter I have my children still because I’m fighting every day of my life to keep them with me no matter what! is there help out there for mother’s and Father’s (single or not single) to stop the Abuse these People are doing to family’s that haven’t done anything to harm their children?? why are CPS doing something about this People that are lying to the system?? they get a way with lying while the family that they are hurting is now LABELED “HIGH RISK” because of all the lies and it doesn’t matter if you Proven yourself that nothing that was reported went on they still Label you and keep a case on you for the rest of your life and why do CPS think they have to bring your Childhood life into a case ..??? Yes I Grow up in a home with Abuse and they came and I cried for help they just walked right back out when i was 8 years old. but now they want to come into my life and take my baby’s away from me for something that isn’t happening! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE??? and to try using your past childhood against you to take a child is Wrong… please Post this or something to the point of this The world needs answers … WE THE UNITED FAMILY WILL FIGHT UNTIL THE END I’m gonna see about making a website and find all the Families that have or is still going throw the same bull crap that I have to put up with for life… I’m afraid to even bring another child into this world because they have believed liars over the truth, and evidenced that there was no abuse! I take my children to the Doctors every time they get sick or show some sign of coming down sick I have even been called an Hypochondriac for seeing the Doctors so much with them because of CPS always down my back over the calls that coming in that aren’t true!




Women ride emotional roller-coaster trying to find birthmothers

Posted: 15 Sep 2009 04:35 PM PDT

Customers of a Federal Way adoption search company say they’ve paid hundreds of dollars for information to find their birthmothers that didn’t check out. Tired of riding an emotional roller-coaster, they decided to get Jesse.




Twitter Baby

Posted: 15 Sep 2009 04:32 PM PDT

Twitter Baby



Arkansas DHS & foster care system abusing and neglecting children of Albert & Miriam Krantz

Posted: 15 Sep 2009 11:21 AM PDT

Arkansas DHS & foster care system abusing and neglecting children of Albert & Miriam Krantz

While the State of Arkansas has presented no evidence that Albert and Miriam Krantz have ever abused or neglected their children or any children, the evidence is starting to mount that the six Krantz children have not fared so well while in Arkansas State custody since November of 2008.




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