NZ – Auckland – North Shore City – Beach Haven – Rotary Dawn Walk for Prostate Cancer – WOW something for MEN in MY home village, even MY Street!!

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Rotary Dawn Walk for Prostate Cancer


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Everyone has the possibility of being effected by Prostate Cancer; either you directly or your partner

Birkenhead Rotary has meet with Oncologists and others from The Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences at University of Auckland and it is clear that a major areas of research has been overlooked – the Prostate Cancer journey.

Every cancer has a journey from either screening or diagnosis to treatment or final outcome. All major cancers have a journey study; Breast Cancer, Colorectal cancer and lung cancer etc it highlights areas of potential improvement.

The journey highlights roadblocks, hiccoughs or stumbles along the way. Analysing all the steps taken to the final outcome can isolate problem areas and improve the journey time line.

Some of you may know; Patients often have to endure weeks of uncertainty during this process and this causes stress both for you and your family.

Without the base understanding of the process nobody has any idea how it can be improved.

Whilst not being a “sexy” project it has been proven in the other cancer fields to be one of the most cost effective and useful research projects.

The Dawn Walk will provide funds to number crunch and analyse the data over a 5-year period. The cost of the project is $25,000 per annum, $125,000 in total.

The Dawn Walk is based upon an idea currently being run in the UK. A gentleman died of prostate cancer and his wife, called Dawn organized a sponsored walk in his memory. This walk was a celebration of his life and hope and was held on the Saturday nearest to the anniversary of his death in September.

The walk starts in the darkness prior to sunrise and walks towards the rising sun symbolizing the hope that one day there will be a guaranteed cure for this condition.

So get you walking shoes ready. We need your help!

$25 and walking the 5km or 2 km “Rotary Dawn Walk for Prostate Cancer” on Sunday September 20th around the coastal walkway at Shepherds Park Beach Haven. Rolling start from 7.00am

Walking towards a brighter future

Rotary Dawn Walk for Prostate Cancer
















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