UN – U. N. At It Again!

Up on Ration Shed – Egroup and BLOG – with thanks to John Stedman – USA – Michigan – Wyoming for the reminder to watch this video from Parents Rights . Org


GO – http://parentalrights.org/


Come join FAMILY Orientated Authors. 

Take note Go https://rationshed.wordpress.com/whole-natural-biological-family-authors-are-welcome


Onward – Jim


Click this link and watch the video, then do what your heart tells you!




Johnny G. Stedman

508-28th Street South West

Suite AAA

Grand Rapids, Michigan 49509-2938


Advocate for Children’s Rights to equal time with ALL fit family members!


Been wrongfully misjudged or misunderstood by the legal system, DHS or CPS?


Making A DifferenceOne Story At A Time……..


Case Studies :


Real Problems :


Real Solutions :


Do You Have Your Own Story To Tell?


If so please contact me at the above address in person.

Or email me atJohn@ThinkStedman.com

Or call me at 616-437-3148

The Choice IS up to You! 

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