Greece – Athens – Greek Parliament – Demonstration to Endorse **Equal Parenting** and Equality in Court Cases

Up on Ration Shed – Egroup and BLOG – with thanks to George Karavidas – Greece – Athens – Peroster – Signed Equal Pet. Jan09 for the message below.


George – Please let your many Greek friends know that we honour your efforts to place **Equal Parenting** before the Greek Parliament and thus the WORLD – Stay Strong we have much work to do – Please also have a wonder thru the 4 LINKS below to see much progress – I look forward to some good pictures of your demonstration and maybe videos – I pray you and the team are effective on the day and are received well by your Parliament.


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Onward – Jim



FROM George


Greetings from Athens, Greece,




On the 26 of September at: 11 am (Greek time), the Fathers of all Greece in conjunction with the Youth of UNESCO will have an open musical – meeting – protest, just outside the Greek Parliament (at the Exit of the Constitution Station of the Metro in the central of Athens).


We will have the support of many European Fathers – Right, as we will endorsed a petition of: EQUAL PARENTING and EQUALITY in COURT CASES… to the Greek Government (which is walking distance from our meeting).


Please spread it to all Fathers – Right Movements, in the way that you are unique…


I personally thank you for Entering my comment (through Google in to my site Master George Karavidas, that I sent you some time ago, concerning our children and those preaching that they are not ours…




All the best,




George Karavidas




( A Psychologist – Writer, Life Long Martial Artist)  



From: Jim Bailey []

Sent: Saturday, December 13, 2008 8:59 PM

To: Jim Bailey

Subject: World-Wide Petition for ** Equal Parenting ** THANKS to the first 100 who have signed



Kids NEED Equal doses of Mum, Dad and all 4 Grand’s



» Sign this petition <>  Go to the petition NOW

» View signatures <>  100+ have signed already




My petition asks Family Law makers World-Wide to endorse Preferential Equal Shared Parenting as the benchmark in World-Wide Family Law and Social Policy. Giving Children their biological Family from conception. Reinforcing the need for Children to be brought up under the influence of their whole Family.




Children know and have regular rewarding contact with their whole biological Family from conception whether the Family resides together or not.




The petition needs to influence the Law makers of ALL countries




2 years




» Sign this petition <>  Go to the petition NOW

» View signatures <>  100+ have signed already


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Promoting the work of those working toward ** Equal parenting **


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Kids need Equal doses of Mum, Dad and all 4 Grand’s residing together or not.




Jim Bailey, JimBWarrior, HandsOnEqualParent


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