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Shame on you Sweden

Re: Article sent to me by Don Hank below

There was a time when Sweden used to have a lot to say about the political situation in South Africa and the lack of respect for human rights for all of its people.

It is amazing how times have changed now it is Sweden that blatantly violates human rights and South Africa has to say to Sweden “get your house in order”  we in South Africa say mmediately free Dominic and give him back his parents. If you do not do so we are going to have to institute the same proceedures that were once used against South Africa against the Regime in Sweden.

We in South Africa do expect Dominic to be together with his parents within 24 hours if not just wait and see what the world has to say about the matter.


Home schooled boy grabbed by police on plane in Sweden Help reunite this persecuted family!

By Don Hank

Christer and Annie Johannson are a Swedish couple from Gotland that attempted last year to home school their son Dominic, a bright and happy 7 year old, just prior to their leaving the country to take up residence in India. They made all the right moves, informing the school of their plans.


Annie and Christer our thoughts and prayers are with you and may  the Lord beat the evil that is now firmly entrenched within the halls of power in Sweden.

With my very kindest regards

Michael Hickman

Human Rights Activist


South Africa



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