Australia – Dads on the Air – Tuesday 8th September – Sue Price – Mens Rights Agency – FACTS VERSUS MYTHS

Go Sue-Price – Up on; Equal Parenting @ Ration Shed – Onward – Jim



With special guests:

  • Sue Price.  

Once again we continue with the ever present need to put the record straight and expose the truth behind the myths and disinformation generally being presented in the media, regarding the many factors surrounding the family justice system.

Our editorial position is that, unless policies and programs are formulated as a result of sound research which is grounded in verifiable facts about the nature, extend and causes of the problems, we will never achieve a just and equitable outcome and separating families will continue to suffer as a result.

This week our guest is Sue Price of the ‘Mens Rights Agency’. As always Sue points out the urgent need for better reporting and the necessity for correct analysis of the operation of the current system and in particular the success or otherwise of the mediation centers which were set up by the Howard government, as a first point of call for broken families.

The anti-dad crowd isn’t about to sit still for a law that has the potential to give fathers some meaningful contact with their children, and the current Rudd government is falling over itself to accommodate those calling for modifications to family laws that will turn the clock back thirty years.

While the vast majority of those engaged in the debate step over the stones blindly and unquestionably insist on reporting the myths as if they were facts, we pride ourselves in turning over those stones and discovering the myriad of truths and facts that present a vastly different picture, but which by and large go unreported.

Equally in search of the truth behind the myths, the ‘Mens Rights Agency’ is asking all those that have been forced to deal with a mediation center to resolve their parenting issues, to come forward and complete a short questionnaire, in order to obtain an independent evaluation of the success or otherwise of these centers. This can be found at:    


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