NZ – Parents Inc. – Positive Boundaries get Kids Thinking

Positive Boundaries get Kids Thinking

Hearing the word no doesn’t have to be a disaster for kids if Mum and Dad are positive about sometimes having to be negative. Encourage budding negotiators with statements like;

“No, I’m not happy with that suggestion for these 2 reasons; ……. Why don’t you think up another one and bring it back for me to reconsider?”

Or for a younger child; “Yes, you can do that, as soon as you’ve done…….”

A boundary can be an invitation to put the brain in gear and think win-win for kids and parents.
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What’s on at The Parenting Place

My child the lawyer – strategies for dealing with argumentative children by Amanda Pilbrow, Tues 15 September 9.30am-11.00am
Every so often a child comes a along that just has to offer their point of view NO MATTER WHAT. If there is even the smallest inkling of developing a “discussion” this child will start AND finish one. If they don’t have their say they will simply explode! This child can be very challenging on many levels. Amanda invites you to come and find some practical and stress easing strategies to help manage and develop your lawyer child.

Bulling – your child doesn’t have to be a victim by John Cowan, Thurs 17 September 7.30pm–9.00pm
This session will present practical approaches to avoid, deflect and defeat bullying. Also, ways to reduce the psychological harm to your child, pro-active approaches parents can take with schools, and even what to do if your child is the bully.

Plus many more…

All workshops only $10 unless otherwise stated.


As part of our Saturday workshops in September, The Parenting Place cafe and bookshop will be open for business on the 5th, 12th and 19th. The cafe will open for coffees and our usual selection of slices, baking and sandwiches. Make sure you stop by for a visit in September.


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