NZ – a fathers coalition – the Political Busker – MEDIA RELEASE: FATHER’S DAY in another real world of New Zealand

FATHER’S DAY in another real world of New Zealand


Sunday, September 6, 2009 is Father’s Day in New Zealand. It will be celebrated by Wellington’s Political Busker, Benjamin Easton – without legal access to contact his son and daughter. Easton is a campaigner against family law and how customs of power and discrimination have taken control of the country and modern society.


This year, Easton claims that the protests and campaigns he has been running have matured into indefensible fact. He states that the bureaucracy is reaching an inability to justify itself for the damage, failing to protect masculinity and fatherhood and it is reaching a time for dads to show their ability to control their local environments.


“For example, in family law” he says, “I can submit two active cases on how the system is running in direct discrimination and bias against the dad. In Palmerston North a lawyer for a disgruntled mother went to Judge Twaddle for a without notice protection order and an interim parenting order. The judge didn’t read the application and let a blatant, obvious and demonstrable lie pass through his responsible test. After he granted the orders the system pays no more attention to the facts or even the most obvious information. The mother has now removed the child to Christchurch and without any authority. What has happened is scandalous, common and continues to be protected by all”, he claims.


In Waitakere (west Auckland), Easton says a father went to a doctor after an assault on his daughter in the mother’s home. CYFS were called. A judge directed the father’s lawyer to organise the testimony of the doctor. She did not. Judge Mather, absently, did not consider that the doctor’s evidence was missing, questioning the father and the daughter’s testimony for truth and ordering the child back to the home without issuing protections from further possible violence. CYFS dropped the case.


The Honourable Simon Power ignores the Palmerston North case. The Honourable Georgina te Heu Heu says there is nothing before her to say there is gender discrimination or bias in the Courts – ignoring correspondence. Easton applied to the High Court in Palmerston North for judicial review and the registrar turned him away.


The Families Commission say the problem is not theirs and complaints should go to the Human Rights Commission. The Human Rights Commission says that they can do nothing about anything before the Courts refusing to engage their extraordinary powers. Taking the HRC to Court for their failure to act is the only option. Easton has filed into Court for them not exercising a statutory power. The Principal Family Court Judge says in earlier correspondence to Easton that justice must be seen to be done.


“I have also taken the Wellington City Council to Court on a recent decision, giving a bus company the Capital’s priority over everything else. They are quickly preparing to takeover a pedestrian mall. I organised a successful campaign called ‘Chalk the Walk’. Yet the lack of protections against obvious damage becomes pretty frustrating” he adds. “The next logical step to protest seems to me to be to ‘Paint the Complaint’.  If I organised a whole lot of cardboard and water based paint, then I am sure the youth losing out would enjoy an opportunity to mark their words”, he concludes.


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