UK and desperately needed in NZ – Creating a CPS – CYFS Ombudsman. the PETITION at 10 Downing Street

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David Currie – UK – England – South Essex – Peach Haven – Signed Equal Pet. Mid 2009


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I petition the Prime Minister to elect a CPS Ombudsman in alignment with other Government Departments. I for one of many, have been failed by the CPS. Even with police recommendations,after a 20 month long thorough and precise investigation, which cited a prosecution against two social workers for Perjury and Perverting the course of Justice. Because of these people` actions I lost my 10 week old baby for 6 months and my 6 yr old child forever. Here in N Ireland we have a Police Ombudsman, which generates great “Public confidence”. A CPS Ombudsman, I`m sure, would also be beneficial, not alone for the public but also for the police in general.

It is a very simple measure and would generate great Public confidence in the Justice system.


FAILURE TO SUPPORT ? SIGN UP TO PETITIONS, SIMPLY AFFORTS THE PETITION’S CREATOR and the government (in the instance at hand promoting / having adopted the petition) the LUXURY TO ASSERT *the public DID NOT SUPPORT the petition*.

 Current signatories

Karen Lennon, the Petition Creator, joined by:

  • Francis Lennon
  • Dick King
  • S King
  • Jeff
  • James
  • john webb
  • royston booth
  • Michael McManus
  • Tim Haines
  • Tim Haines
  • margaret halliday
  • Alison Stevens
  • Steve Bassett
  • Sheila Oneilll
  • Andrew Yiannides
  • David Currie



Sent: 9/2/2009 1:54:29 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: RE: Creating a CPS Ombudsman. the PETITION at 10 Downing Street


Hi there Mike.

When considering such invitations and facilities, especially when some official support is evident (as in the instant at hand) the most important element / issue SHOULD BE the issue of “YOU, the citizen, DEMANDS / SEEKS THAT SOMETHING BE DONE’.

THAT should be the approach and THAT should be the message YOU MUST RELATE TO ALL OF YOUIR CONTACTS TOO, and at every opportunity to point others to the very REASON & PREMISE for signing up to all officially promoted petition ideas, UNLESS THE WORDING OF THE PETITION (or the reasons for it) one dies NOT subscribe to / support.

Apathy and failure to take steps / sign the petition (immaterial, whether well intended or not, the purpose for the petition).

FAILURE TO SUPPORT ? SIGN UP TO PETITIONS, SIMPLY AFFORTS THE PETITION’S CREATOR and the government (in the instance at hand promoting / having adopted the petition) the LUXURY TO ASSERT *the public DID NOT SUPPORT the petition*.

Consider the above TRAIN OF THOUGHT and consider signing up to the petition that the UK Government RE-NATIONALISES the Bank if England, as I invited URrights members to do in one of the early blogs/forums here.

Should you check up the petition portal at 10 Downing Street, you WILL FIND that I have already signed-up to the petition & I will check my email in order to confirm the fact that the signatory is a genuine person.



From: Michael Wiffen []
Sent: 31 August 2009 04:32
Subject: Creating a CPS Ombudsman.


Hi Andrew,

Your input would be appreciated before i consider signing the below petition.

Would creating a CPS Ombudsman be a step in the right direction, or just another government controlled body?

Their are very few organizations i trust now, let alone government or local authority run or funded one’s.


Best regards,


p.s. I listened to your voicemail this morning. I will try and return your call later on this evening or on Thursday evening.



2 Responses to UK and desperately needed in NZ – Creating a CPS – CYFS Ombudsman. the PETITION at 10 Downing Street

  1. Denys Strongman says:

    12th December 2009
    Dear Andy Rogers,
    Originally tried to send to Andy Rogers !

    My new Email address is
    Thank you for your information in the your last letter dated 24th September 2009. I have decided to pursue my concerns regarding how did the New Zealand child Support access my child support without having the facts. So I will take this matter up with the ombudsman at PO Box 10152, Wellington. As I firmly believe in justice. The New Zealand child Support could not have made a fair assessment knowing all the facts myself that the NZCS should have assessed off. The fact I had sole custody of my children whilst NZCS made me forcefully pay child support while my children were living with me which makes me think that my ex partner was being payed child support or DPB call it what you like while I was paying child support ! I will never concede to such a corrupt system. Basically I were not treated like a Father but rather a donor with no rights ! I have been shown no respect and all Family members concerned have endured psychological stress and damage directly caused by this New Zealand Child Support False Claim. As the period of time and issues relating to this claim had been more than enough to cause severe damage to my health and my children’s health. My children’s health, education and well being have never been considered, if they had they would not be in there present predicament. Neither would I. I had to fight the system to even visit my children at school. I had to fight the system to have documentation sent to me regarding my Daughters health as she did have a Liver transplant. Basically I have never been considered a human being and I take this as a personal insult. This sort of behavior belongs in the dark ages. Men must be included at all times in the Family not just women. It takes two to make children and as far as I am concerned it takes two to look after them. This NZCS Government system is no good for the future of anyone. The only good Child Support System is one that supports in all ways Family as a whole !!! I have nothing to hide but the New Zealand Government have plenty ! I believe there should be a clause in legislation to allow me to sue New Zealand Child Support for Damages. This should be administered by a separate Government body such as an Ombudsman. This I believe should be administered in all Western Countries !
    Cheers !
    Denys Strongman

  2. Denys Strongman says:

    Re my Child Support Case with New Zealand Child Support !
    My IRD number used to be 38 029 304 as I said earlier I have nothing to hide. I can be contacted in Australia on 03 59952229 or Mobile 0400185234
    This is the New Zealand Child Supports Answer to their mistake they made on my Child Support Assessments and my reply will follow ! If anyone their can help I will appreciate this very much. As I have endured over 14 years of New Zealand Political destruction. I am an innocent victim of this system ! 
    I will include New Zealand Inland Revenue Departments Reply to my long 45 page objection dated 14th March 2009. This is the attachment in this letter.  My reply to this IRD letter Dated 27/07/09 Reference CS/INTL/GNN  I will send after this letter to you. If their is anyone out there who can genuinely help me regarding this situation I am in,  through no fault of my own as the original assessments were incorrectly assessed by NZCS ! Making my present situation directly a result of their Mismanagement ! I feel that this IRD reply does not answer my concerns or assist in any way at all as my conditions now are totally different in Australia than they were in New Zealand when the child Support should have been correctly and by replying in the manner they have merely pass the buck on so to speak !  Furthermore my circumstances must be rare and their appears to be no exemptions for special circumstances to which my case is,  allowed for in the New Zealand Child support System. They can not base my child support now on something that was in 1995. The assessment should have been correct in 1995 and by getting my details now is far to late to alter my assessment based on what I now earn which is zero but not the point. The assessment was for children born in New Zealand and incorrect from time it was initiated in 1995. The New Child Support made the assessment not me !  How can they NZCS expect me to assume responsibility for their mistake and it was their mistake !  All my protests have been virtually ignored as I want compensation for the false assessments which would have grossly affected my Child Support payments. My children have now grown up and my youngest Daughter is now going on 20 years old and no longer on a Child Support Benefit. Why do I have to pay for the New Zealand Child Supports mistake ?  The original assessment mistake made in 1995. Surely it is illegal what the NZ Child Support are doing ? I have just lost my second job here in Australia through no fault of my own as the company had to lay off staff ! And yet the CSA who are acting on NZs behalf still Harass me for the money which I do not owe ! Further more NZ does not pay unemployment here in Australia to anyone who arrived after 2001. On top of this Australia does not pay Unemployment here in Australia either since 2001. Only eligible NZs get unemployment. That is NZs before 2001. I arrived after this date. So I am not eligible ! I am at present living here by burrowing money from my 2 Daughters and 1 son here in Australia. On top of this I have spent a fortune of my Daughters money seeing doctors  regarding my heart condition and supporting me. I am nearly 60 years old and do not need this stress caused by the NZ Government Namely New Zealand Child Support. It is stressful enough at my age to look for work let alone this added unnecessary nightmare !   Added to this dilemma is the fact that when i arrived here in Australia my False Child Support Assessment to which was by claimed by NZCS was then around $24000.00  and now is over $135000.00. How can this be legal also ? By the time I die could be well over one million ??NZCS are trying to make money out of innocent Fathers by extorting these huge sums of compounding interest charges which I believe are detrimental and destructive to not only Families but men like myself. I would prefer to die than pay this bullshit system !  Is this legal what the New Zealand Government is doing ? Is there anyone out there that can help me ??? I have made many attempts to access NZCS email System without success ! I have been given a password etc to access the NZCS Email System and still have not been able to send a simple letter to NZCS ? Why is this system made so complicated ? I am computer literate as I can access the CSA Email system. The Australian CSA Website is user friendly and simple to use.  I am Genuine and so ask that if there are any good New Zealand citizens political or not that are concerned about the way New Zealand treat their NZ born citizens and alienate  them from not only their Family but their Country as well. I ask you is this building a happier healthier Country ??? Looking for support in a cruel world namely Justice !
    Denys Strongman

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