UK – Update on the Scots mother who fled to the republic of Ireland with her daughter.

Up on Equal Parenting @ Ration Shed BLOG; with thanks to; James Deuchars – UK – Scotland – GLASGOW – GRANDPARENTS APART – Signed Equal Pet. Jan09.


Note the small g in God below


However the God of Moses will have the last word if we humble ourselves before him.


It is the responsibility of ALL those who hold God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in awesome wonder, Jews and CHRISTians alike to act as the scriptures teach.


God has called his people back to him thru the Holy Spirit, his Prophets and the Word of God since creation when they have walked away from Him.


2 Chronicles 7;14 – If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.


2 Chronicles 15 – Read the whole chapter for even more clarity


Check them out for yourselves


Onward – JimBWarrior


FAMILY Orientated Authors are WELCOME.

Take note Go


Onward – Jim




I am the lord thy god! Thou shall not escape me! I shall pursue thee even unto the end of time.

(Scottish Social Services 2009)


Even Moses could not free this family from the clutches of The Scottish Social Services (S.S.S.) They are truly a god to be feared. Their determination of not to be beaten is reaching ludicrous proportions by

S.S.S. silently bombarding the Irish social

services with all sorts of complaints.


The Scots mum is undergoing psychology tests and all sorts of assessments and It would appear that if the wee girl is happy with a carer they move her on. She cannot settle with her new carer and is very unhappy. Constant moving her about is confusing and destroying this child’s emotional and mental state of mind. The human rights of this child are being ignored and she is being used as a weapon by S.S.S. to win their case


The foundations of this case are basically dubious as to why this situation has come about. The socials services in Scotland have refused to review or answer why they are pursuing this family so fervently. The mother claims to have proof of criminal charges that need to be answered but social services are avoiding this by not speaking up or explaining their actions. Is this a cover up?


Should a government’s so called caring organisation have this kind of power? Dictators like Idi Amin and Sadam Hussein were toppled because of their god like power but we British tolerate it in the bosom of our own society.


The Secret Service (SS) among us. ‘A good title for a book’.


Jimmy Deuchars

Grandparents Apart UK

22 Alness crescent

Glasgow G52 1PJ

0141 882 5658




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