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On Monday August 31, Wellington ’s Political Busker, Benjamin Easton’s name appears on the High Court Judge’s Chamber’s list twice. Mr Easton uses all of his time while unemployed, employed to bring cases before the courts; and other complaints before New Zealand ’s acting bureaucracy.


The busker is already known for court challenges against the Broadcasting Commission and the Broadcasting Standards Authority. Most recently he was in a judicial review matter with the Bank of New Zealand, for funding an openly gender discriminatory advertisement. One of the cases before the court on Monday is to do with this. The Bank successfully appealed to the Chief Judge of the High Court, Justice Randerson, that Easton did not have standing to bring them to review. This decision did not excuse the Bank from responsibility for funding the openly discriminatory advertisement but instead that Easton couldn’t complain. Costs were applied for by the Bank and awarded against the unemployed busker. The Human Rights Commission have dismissed Easton’s follow up complaint against the Bank saying that there is no provision in the Human Rights Act giving them the authority to engage the Bank. “That is just a load of dog’s bollocks” says an unreserved Easton .


“The reason I am in all of these proceedings is because the errors I complain about are simply indefensible. What we have instead and in place is this intricate system where those who run it elect how it will function for their own benefit and protection rather than administrating through due process, natural justice and fairness. It is simply mind boggling that anyone wants to let the Bank get away with what they did. They abused the intelligence and integrity of all New Zealand saying only white dads hit children”.


Easton also accuses the media of playing a game against the public interest, protecting those who are abusing the country’s democracy. “The stuff I am putting to the courts is really heavy material. It shows everyone who observes it where there is a serious and active corruption working in New Zealand society. The media simply don’t want to know about what I am showing them. I watch advertisements or other like claims by the media on issues of their integrity and the irony of ignorance is nauseating”.


Easton also claims that the second case before the court in which he takes on the Wellington City Council over a decision to run buses through a pedestrian mall is indefensible. “The executive have openly cheated the public of their rights to be fairly and properly consulted” he says. “You have a bunch of power built individuals who want what they want irrespective of what anyone else might think or how they may be adversely affected. No matter how any would interpret the concept of consultation the executive cannot excuse that they have heralded their absolute arrogance. They either admit they do not know what consultation means or have otherwise acted in bad faith – which is very serious. Just like with the Bank no matter the damage done to me I cannot lose the moral argument. They will just look to bust me financially” says an already impecunious Easton .


The proceedings in the High Court are on the introduction of the cases and are not the substantive hearing. They are called sometime after 10am.               


Benjamin Easton 027 390 2169


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