NZ – Easton v. Human Rights Commission & anor CIV-2009-485-726

Up on Ration Shed; with thanks to; Benjamin Easton – NZ – Wellington – Mt Cook – The Political Busker


Ben – Thanks for the update below – Go well my friend – You stand for many that the NZ Human Rights Commission has chosen to ignore over many years – Me included – Javan is Now in my Day-to-Day care in spit of their support for the Anti-FAMILY Mod – Go to the bottom LINK in comments for the current story – Stay Strong – FAMILY Orientated Folk will win the day for our and their Kids to come.

FAMILY Orientated Authors are WELCOME.

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Tena koe Robert,


My replies are in bold, indented paragraphs and italics after your inquiry.




Benjamin Easton

The Political Busker

(of a) father’s coalition.



From: Robert Hallowell <>
Subject: Easton v. Human Rights Commission & anor CIV-2009-485-726
To: “” <>
Received: Wednesday, 26 August, 2009, 10:20 AM


Hello Ben Easton,


It’s Robert Hallowell, Legal Counsel at the Human Rights Commission.


As you are aware the above proceedings are set down in the Judges Chambers List for Mention on 31 August 2009.  In order to prepare for that I would be most grateful if you could confirm the following:


1.      That you still wish to proceed with this judicial review proceeding;


BME Answer: Yes – I will seek a section 10 direction (JAA 72), from the judge. With the BNZ now apparently free from court review, for lack of my standing the matter, corporate/public complicity and corruption, is the focus of controversy. 



2.      That the issue in the proceeding is your challenge to the decisions made about the Biggest Morning Tea advert by the ASA (in response to your complaint) and by the Commission (in response to complaints by two other people);


BME Answer: No – this will be discussed on Monday – the commission is subject to a review on statutory obligation to protect fatherhood as being now long abandoned, with the commission acting in consistency with the victimization (s66 of the HRA) of dads. 



3.      That you are aware of the Commission’s view that all the other issues mentioned in your amended statement of claim about the Commission are about the background and context to your challenge to the Commission’s decisions about the two complaints concerning the Biggest Morning Tea advert;


BME Answer: Unclear – I am not sure what this sentence means and regardless, – I am not responsible for the commission’s view. 


4.      That you are agreeable to the Commission completing and filing its evidence in response by 7 September on its treatment of the two complaints about the Biggest Morning Tea;


BME Yes: Nor am I adverse to any request for any extension subject to the August 31. 


5.      That the case is suitable to be brought on for hearing at short notice;


BME Answer: Subject to August 31. 


6.      That nothing else is required from the Court before the hearing of your application.


BME Answer: I will seek section 10 admissions of fact and interrogatories. These applications will be made on Monday  


Would you please provide your confirmation of the above by noon tomorrow, 27 August 2009.  You can provide that confirmation either by sending me an email to me or alternatively you can call me on 09 375 8644 or you can call Craig Linkhorn at the Crown Law Office on 04 494 5592.


Yours sincerely


Robert Hallowell

Legal Counsel


DDI:    09 375 8644




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