USA+ – To many Service Men lose their Kids – YouTube

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HandsOnEqualParent (4 minutes ago) Show Hide


FAMILY Law and Social Policy and those who purvey it have much to answer for – Enshrine **Equal Shared Parenting** deep within GLOBAL Family Law and Social Policy – giving ALL Children, Mum, Dad and all 4 Grand Parents where possible, leading to them being valued and cared for by their **Whole Natural Biological FAMILY** – Onward – JimBWarrior



dad4justice (40 minutes ago) Show Hide


WE might fight against the evil family court.
In solidarity brother.


usaandros (4 hours ago) Show Hide


How sad! All because she was not happy for n number of reasons. Is that enough to rob any man and compel to suicide? Its high time for all sensible men and women to fight against the senseless feminists to save the humanity.


yogicat1958 (5 hours ago) Show Hide

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isn’t this so true f…. family court and these lawyers they run everything it is time to take things back men don’t pay lawyers don’t hire them and maybe family court will change and elect new people in office that are for family rights not just mothers


MikeSaxton4J (10 hours ago) Show Hide


God bless our soldiers. They fight for the rights of others while there stripped of their rights here at home


DumblyBrilliant (11 hours ago) Show Hide


Marked as spamSuperb but crushingly sad and true. Well done politicians and judges! Well done feminists!

How proud you all must be.


Suisfonia (1 month ago) Show Hide


Yet how? With how corrupt our justice system is, that’ll be near impossible. Let’s not forget, we have laywers who protect the guilty, we have politicions who care only about their money. Then we naturally have the wife (or husband, in some rare cases) who think that because their loved one can’t be there that they’ll just leave.

How is it fair to our veterans, when they are off fighting a war? It’s not, and they should be held responsible for their spouses inability to coup.


esham6 (3 months ago) Show Hide

We have got to change this!


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