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FAMILY Orientated Authors are WELCOME.

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Hello and welcome to the FNF News. Here’s what we’ve got this week:



The day grows ever closer! The Families Need Fathers AGM and Volunteers Conference is being held on the weekend of September 26 – 27 in Coventry.

Find out everything you need to know at

The Annual Report & Accounts for 2008 – 2009 are now available at the above address.
All members are entitled and encouraged to attend the AGM, but places and accommodation at the Volunteers Conference are limited. To book one of the few remaining spots or to ask any questions about the AGM, contact Andrew on or call 0300 0300 110.


Reform, the public services think tank, have recently produced a new report entitled ‘Productive Parents’, which makes several encouraging suggestions regarding changes to the parental leave system to make them more child-centred and gender-neutral. We contributed to the report and have also produced our own response to it. Read them, and our other research responses at:



Thanks again to the fine work of Nadja Singh, FNF has won a bid to the Big Lottery Fund Scotland for almost £10,000. The grant will be used to conduct a feasibility study and lay the groundwork for bringing our services in Scotland into line with the rest of the UK.  


Do you have experience of Microsoft Access? Are you skilled in producing database reports? Have you got some spare hours you could spend volunteering for Families Need Fathers? If so, we’d love to hear from you – drop Darren a line on or call 0300 0300 110.


Shared Parenting – Shared Benefits
In June, we launched our Shared Parenting – Shared Benefits campaign, which was intended to provide practical, accessible guidance on the benefits and importance of shared parenting after separation. The campaign was a huge success, reaching a circulation estimated at over 22 million in over 50 publications. There are too many to list individually, but here are some of the highlights:

Times Educational Supplement http://www…
Daily Post

You may have also noticed some controversy over our guidance on Shared Parenting written for Cafcass, Litigants-in-Person, Schools and Sure Start Centres. In essence, there were criticisms that the guidance was in need of some revision. Rest assured, we are working very hard to make sure that a watertight set of guidance is ready for the Autumn. More in McKenzie magazine (on your doorsteps shortly) and newsletters of the future…

In August, Jon Davies appeared in Children & Young People Now magazine, discussing whether celebrities should be exempt from Family Court reporting rules –—celebrities-exempt-family-court-rules/

In July, Nottingham branch spokesman Neil Wilson discussed the importance of both parents on birth certificates on BBC Nottingham and in August, Alex Borchardt tackled ‘Do women receive fairer treatment during divorce?’ on Radio 5 Live.

You can keep up to date with all FNF’s public appearances in our PR diary www… and see the articles which have interested us at

That’s all folks – keep an eye on your inbox for news of our membership survey and on your postbox for your latest McKenzie magazine – with you this week.

Warmest wishes,

The FNF Office

Me & My Dad

Have you visited our project celebrating the time children spend with their dads?

Head for now to browse the galleries and submit your photos.


Onward – Javan and his 24X7 Dad since 16Aug09 – Jim Bailey – Story bottom LINK

WINZ – NZ Social Welfare – Destroyed our FAMILY Court Ordered **Equal Parenting**

Ration Shed – Founder

Supporting ** a father’s coalition ** and working within the mission of Ration Shed

6 Lancaster Rd – Beach Haven – North Shore City

Auckland – New Zealand (+64) – 027-429-0055 -/- 09-482-296


FAMILY Orientated Authors are WELCOME


Ration Sheds prime objective is to drive back to good old fashion FAMILY, giving ALL Children Mum, Dad and all 4 Grand Parents where possible and the support of their **Whole Natural Biological FAMILY** by ENSHRINEING  **Preferential Equal Shared Parenting** deep within GLOBAL FAMILY Law and Social Policy. We gladly join all with similar objectives and help build **Equal Parenting** based Orgs where there are none.


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§      A Father of the Coalition – Proud to say I was one of the founding FATHERS


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