NZ – PM: Smacking law review gives parents ‘comfort’ – **BALLS**, John get back to the economy and leave FAMILY Law and and Social Policy to FAMILY Orientated Folk

MP – NZ – Prime Minister – the Hon. John Key – National – Helensville – Minister for Tourism


MP – NZ – the Hon. Dr. Jonathan Coleman – National – Northcote



Prime Minister Key and Minister Coleman


**BALLS**, John get back to the economy and leave FAMILY Law and Social Policy to FAMILY Orientated Folk – Onward – Jim (Full sig below)


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John Key is either ignorant of the damage that NZ FAMILY Law and Social Policy has been doing to our FAMILIES for generations or he is actively involved in promoting the damage.


National have now exposed themselves as mere BLUE HelenGRAD.


Sue Bradford is a HelenGRAD puppet in all this being the front person to build more strength to Government to manipulate the destruction of our **Whole Natural Biological FAMILIES**.


HelenGRAD added more FAMILY destructive legislation in their 9 years than all previous parliaments; John-K seems hell bent on adding MORE.


The Anti-Smacking law is but further strengthening of Government to damage good old fashioned FAMILY.


We the People MUST take this task in hand and demand Government GET-OUT-of-FAMILY.


The way fwd to do that is simple legislation ENSHRINING **Preferential Equal Shared Parenting** deep within FAMILY Law and Social Policy, driving back to good old fashion Mum, Dad and all 4 Grand Parents caring for their own Kids leading toward the **Whole Natural Biological FAMILY** valuing and caring for each other.


**Preferential Equal Shared Parenting** will take the Government, the Judges, the Lawyers, the Bureaucrats out of FAMILY.


**Preferential Equal Shared Parenting** will remove the power from those damaging good old fashioned FAMILY (or whats left of it) and allow it to naturally strengthen and rebuild over night..


Onward – Jim



PM: Smacking law review gives parents ‘comfort’

4:00AM Tuesday Aug 25, 2009
By Audrey Young


Larry Baldock says the Prime Minister’s response to the referendum result was unlikely to satisfy people’s concerns. Photo / Kenny Rodger

Prime Minister John Key believes his response to the overwhelming “no” vote in the smacking law referendum will give people “comfort”.

But it is seen as cold comfort by former MP Larry Baldock, organiser of the citizens-initiated referendum petition, who said the response was unlikely to satisfy people’s concerns.

Part of Mr Key’s response to the 88 per cent who voted “no” is directed at the parents who fear they would be subject to an investigation by Child, Youth and Family Services for smacking their child.

He said he expected that a review of procedures by Police Commissioner Howard Broad and the head of Child, Youth and Family’s overarching ministry, Peter Hughes, would come up with a set of written guidelines about referrals between the agencies.

And he expected other policy recommendations “that will absolutely ensure that if New Zealand parents lightly smack a child for the purposes of correction that they won’t find themselves under a full investigation from Child, Youth and Family”.

The PM said Social Development Minister Paula Bennett had told him the procedures were not as formalised as they might be and there could be greater clarity.

“The purpose around clarity in this area is to give New Zealand parents comfort and I think the stats as they are currently presented argue very strongly that the law has been working,” Mr Key said.

There had been 33 complaints to the police, he said, and no prosecutions of what he would term light smacking – a claim disputed by Mr Baldock – against the backdrop of nearly 83,000 complaints in the family and domestic violence area.

Mr Key also said that if it was shown that New Zealand parents were criminalised or their children were taken off them for what could only be described as minor or inconsequential smacking, “then the law has to be changed”.

Mr Baldock said Mr Key did not address the real issue, which was people’s concerns that the law criminalised parents for smacking for correction.

“It’s not about prosecution and the Prime Minister is using the wrong language. When he says no parents have been criminalised what he means is that very few parents have been prosecuted.”

Mr Key’s measures would continue to put off prosecutions of people, as had been the case for the past two years, Mr Baldock said. But he questioned why the law was needed when it had not led to greater prosecution of child abusers.

Green MP Sue Bradford, who sponsored the original child discipline bill, last night congratulated Mr Key on his response.

“Steps to increase people’s comfort with and understanding of the law – while keeping the law intact – are an appropriate response to the referendum result,” she said.

Act MP John Boscawen said Mr Key had made “a huge mistake” in his handling of the issue.

* The Prime Minister’s response:

Ask the heads of Child, Youth and Family and the police to review how the law is working, including referrals between their agencies, and report by December 1.

Employ independent reviewer to help with the CYF/police review.

Fast-track review that was due at the end of the year on data and trends to early October at latest.

Ask police to continue to publish for three more years statistics on the law (that was due to stop after just two years) and to provide more detailed data.

Comments – What do you think of John Key’s actions on the smacking referendum?


New South Wales

02:04PM Tuesday
25 August 2009

It does seem to be a waste of money if the end result was not going to change anything. I doubt John Key will get re-elected as the majority of kiwis disagree with him and he is supposed to be acting in the interests of New Zealand citizens! Whilst its quite obvious that there is a serious child abuse issue in NZ lately. Making smacking illegal is NOT the answer.I note here in Aussie, the folks that always complain about parents smacking their kids(even just a tap!) are of the generation where jug cords/dads belt and canings at school were rampant. Who are they to be the pot calling the kettle black? Perhaps if parents were ALLOWED to discipline their kids(wihin reason) their might not be such a lack of respect as is so prominent in young kids all around the world. We are breeding a generation of spoilt, disrespectful brats, that have a ridiculous amout of power and control over their parents courtesy of stickybeaks, hypocrites and unfortunately, the REAL child abusers! They want to bring back the cane in schools but I cant smack my own kid? Are you kidding me? A ‘TAP’ on the a*e hasnt done me or anyone in my family any damage!



02:04PM Tuesday
25 August 2009

I am not impressed by John Keys actions one jot. We know police have been instructed not to prosecute those who break the law with a light smack, what we want is not to be at risk of prosecution at all, in essence for smacking not to be a criminal offence. What doesnt John Key get? I will not be reassured about this ridiculous law I am in fact very uncomfortable about it and hate knowing I have broken the law when I smack my kids when I am trying hard to be a good citizen and feel I must always be looking over my shoulder. All I can say to Mr Key is if you wont listen to the majority of the electorate on this then I wont vote for you again because I now see your Govt. is more of the same nanny state, arrogant and out of touch! It didnt take long did it?As for supporters of the Bill who refer to smacking as hitting or violence against kids get real!


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  1. jimbwarrior says:

    NZ – PM: Smacking law review gives parents ‘comfort’ – **BALLS**, John get back to the economy and leave FAMILY Law and and Social Policy to FAMILY Orientated Folk

    Up on Ration Shed – Egroup and BLOG – with thanks to PM – KEY via Briane Smith Private Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister

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    From: Briane Smith (MIN) []
    Sent: Thursday, 24 September 2009 7:24 p.m.
    Subject: Re: NZ – PM: Smacking law review gives parents ‘comfort’ – **BALLS**, John get back to the economy and leave FAMILY Law and and Social Policy to FAMILY Orientated Folk

    On behalf of the Prime Minister, Hon John Key, I acknowledge your recent email.

    Thank you for taking the time to write to the Prime Minister and share your views.

    Briane Smith
    Private Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister

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