Australia – Paternity Fraud Exposed in Australia – High Court’s Conflict of Interest

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Paternity Fraud Exposed in Australia – High Court’s Conflict of Interest

There is nothing extraordinary about the many tales in our history of ‘love gone wrong’.

People have been breaking each others hearts for as long as “time itself”. Keeping love alive takes patience, commitment, dedication, faithfulness, honesty and love itself. 

One such tale of “love gone wrong” took place back in the early 60’s in Victoria. He was a young laboratory assistant and she was an attractive young university student. They were very attracted to each other and in time, decided to co-habitate as man and wife.  Marriage was never a serious option. She was raised in a strict Catholic family. He was not a practicing Catholic.  The couple had two children who were born in 1967 and 1969 respectively. The family, like all other families had their normal ups and downs.

She was an intelligent and ambitious woman who worked as a Secondary School Teacher. She later became a lawyer. He was studying to become a doctor and worked part times as cab driver to supplement the Commonwealth Scholarship he had secured. He would later become a well respected specialist in his field of medicine.

During this time, unbeknown to him, she had also become involved with a married man. He was initially unaware but would later discover her betrayal. He loved his family and would later face the devastation of her leaving him in 1975 taking with her the 2 children. She went to live with the man with whom she was had had her affair. Her lover eventually divorced his wife and was free to marry her.  And marry they did.  The children’s father, left behind was heartbroken.

The children were taken interstate by their mother and dad never ever managed to have the same relationship with the children after their departure. The children missed dad terribly and they wrote to him often. He also wrote to them frequently. At some point during one of the many communications, mum asked him and to refrain from signing his letters ‘daddy’. During the sad and turbulent separation, mum broke the news to dad that he was not in fact the father of the 2 children. 

Dad was shocked, saddened and he grieved for his family for many years that followed. Mum was somehow able to raise the children with the surname of the man she subsequently married. Duped Dad was simply removed from his children’s lives…. Now forward this story to 2006.

Mum, who had now become a judge, found herself sitting on a landmark paternity fraud case in the High Court of Australia.  The case involved a Melbourne man who had discovered in 2000 that 2 of his 3 children born during his short marriage to his wife were in fact fathered by his wife’s lover. Does this scenario sound familiar? Would it be fair to say that mum, who is now a judge making decisions in this paternity fraud legal case may have a conflict of interest? Would it be fair to say that she should have excused herself and refrained from sitting and judging this case? She should have been honest and transparent about her past and the striking similarities between herself and the case which was before her. But she wasn’t.

Her credibility has now been seriously undermined by her failure in removing herself from the landmark Magill paternity fraud appeal. How did she ever think she would ever get away with this glaring conflict of interest?  Will we ever know how much influence she was she able to exert upon her fellow judges in the many months following the appeal at the High Court of Australia? Should we ask questions as to how her past behavior was playing on her mind while judging the Magill case? 

Upon his retirement in 2007, High Court Judge Ian Callinan accused his fellow judges of making crucial High Court decisions based on their own personal baggage. This decision in 2006 may just be one of them. 

I am Liam Magill’s staunch supporter and have become an anti paternity fraud advocate. A full and frank enquiry needs to be undertaken by the Governor-General and our Parliamentarians in Canberra.  My letters are being side stepped with pathetic spin-doctored replies.  It’s all too hard and they are simply hoping I will go just away. But I won’t. 

While our politicians and our judges enjoy the trappings provided by the tax-payers of Australia, one totally decent and honest Australian citizen, Liam Magill, is left with nothing. No justice, no apology, no compensation, no explanation, no answers to any of the very difficult questions.  

I speak about  High Court Judge Justice Susan CRENNAN
Cheryl King Ph/ 0416 031 145  ( int 61 416031145)  P.O Box 685, Deepdene, 3103. Australia.


One Response to Australia – Paternity Fraud Exposed in Australia – High Court’s Conflict of Interest

  1. Cheryl King says:

    Attorney General
    The Hon Robert McClelland MP
    Parliament house
    Canberra ACT 2600

    Dear Sir,

    Re: Justice Susan Crennan: Magill -v- Magill

    I make reference to the above matter and kindly request that you provide to me with copies of any and all correspondence between your Department and the High Court of Australia regarding the above matter.

    This request is made pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act.

    Yours Sincerely

    Cheryl King
    On behalf of Liam Magill
    P.O. Box 685
    Deepdene 3103
    Ph 0416 031 145

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