GLOBAL – Fathers Day Memorial Piknik

Begins in New Zealand Sept-6-09

Kerry Bevin hopes this event becomes an International Repeating event and continues World-Wide as we celebrate FATHERS Day, on and on and on until these Devastating FatherLess issues are resolved

Supporting a father’s coalition

Kerry Bevin founder of the NZ Republicans +64-9-473-3747

Kerry Bevin supporting ** a father’s coalition **


  • Initiative and Invite from New Zealand




11.00 – 1.00 Sun 6th Sept 09

Auckland War Memorial Cenotaph

(Or a War Memorial in YOUR City anywhere in the World on YOUR Fathers Day)


To remember


The Horrendous SOCIAL COST in Father Suicides, Ruined Men,  Alienated Parents, Murdered and Fatherless Children in the ongoing Gender War and Family Devastation




  • Lay Purple Crosses, Protest Signs, Flowers and Cut-outs representing Children on the Cenotaph


  • Dedication Speakers / Fathers and Survivors / Super Heroes and Father Xmas / Activists and Politicians (NZ Republican Party and Others) / Children and Guests.


  • 5 Minutes Silence


  • Piknik / BBQ / Entertainment / Games


Do you care? Where is hope? See YOU there?




New Zealand – Kerry Bevin – 09- 473 -3747


GLOBAL – Confirm your intent in comments @


3 Responses to GLOBAL – Fathers Day Memorial Piknik

  1. jimbwarrior says:

    YO – I will be @ one of the New Zealand Cenotaph on Sept 6th 09 and evey FATHERS day there after – Onward – Jim

  2. Barrie Reid says:

    I will be there with you in spirit and will lay a purple wreath at the place where Willaim Wallace was taken. Apt I believe, as he was betrayed by those who claimed to stand with him, as our governments do to us and the fact that Willaim Wallace never would have given up to achieve Independance.
    Even if I were in my territory in the Sahara, I’d still be there with you. The memory of the gross indignity that was shovelled in my direction, will never leave me. Every year it will be a significant reminder that we are not given the due respect we deserve as human beings never mind as fathers. Keep up the good fight.

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