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NO JOHN, Its NOT good enough!

Friday, August 21, 2009

By kiwi1960

No John, its not good enough. The people want this law repealed, NOT extra laws to help parents accept the current flawed law! The people have spoken, STOP dictating to the people, LISTEN to the people, you ARE our SERVANT, DO as we WANT… Repeal the law… NOW.

If that costs you the support of the lunatic Greens, then that is the price that must be paid, after all, don’t punish the voters for a deal YOU made.

As for that…. person…. Sue Bradford, she needs a lesson taught to her and fast. Lets she, she said people did not understand the question on the Referendum, that it was ambiguous, that some people were confused and voted NO when they meant to vote YES.

Well, Sue, please name the people. I don’t trust anything that comes out of your mouth seeing as you lied so much when advocating your anti smacking bill.

But, for your benefit, heres how I saw the question.

“Should a smack, as part of good parental correction, be illegal in New Zealand?”

“Should a smack” as opposed to abuse, belting, torture, violence…

“as part of good parental” not BAD abusive parental, right?

“correction” meaning, to discipline, not abuse… right? With us Sue, or are you still a dopey blond?

“be illegal” against the law, right, as opposed to allowed under the law, still with us Sue the blond communist moron?

“in New Zealand” … the place where you live, you know, the place where you think the people are stupid and you need to tell them how to live you are a God who works in the the House of



OK, lets look at the whole thing, as translated by an average Kiwi (me) for that stupid bitch Bradford… “Should a smack, not abuse, a smack, as used by parents all over the world, to correct bad behavior, to discipline, to punish, to teach, be made illegal by a silly bitch sitting in the House under the party vote, meaning no one actually voted for her, in New Zealand.” Its so obvious, even a moron can understand it, and I suspect Bradford does understand it, but she wants to minimize the massive defeat her bill suffered by saying people were confused…

Give it a week, and Bradford will say that because the question was flawed, the vote cannot be taken seriously, in fact, the majority of people actually DO support her bill….. but were just….. confused….. wow…. only Sue Bradford could tell lies like that… OH WAIT… she did… thats just what she said on TV tonight….

Face it Sue, you just want this law to be your legacy of the time you spent in Parliament… you might even know its flawed, you have said that it was never intended to solve the child abuse rates… so why support the Bill?

As for Helen Clark, her support of this U.N. idea landed her a cushy U.N. job in New York. Maybe Sue thinks they can use her in the future as well? I’d like to see that happen, Sue to leave New Zealand, its probably what the Green Party wants as well because they refused to make Sue a co-leader… OH MY GOD… there ARE intelligent people in the Green Party.

The upshot is that all our elected members of parliament need to learn what “democracy” means…. it doesn’t mean they can ignore the people. And John, it doesn’t mean you can make changes to keep Sue Bradford happy….

The voters want this law repealed… if Sue spits the dummy and wont play with you anymore… TOUGH! You knew when you supported this law back in 2007 that over 90% were against it…. so stop trying to be diplomatic… GET RID OF THE LAW!

If you do not… then its true, we do not live in a democracy anymore.

“nuff said”

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