UK – Expands its **Empire of Injustice** that thrives on damaging our **Whole Natural Biological FAMILIES**

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Restraining orders made easier to grant


Victims of domestic violence are to be given greater protection by courts in England and Wales from next month, the government has announced.

Judges are to have powers to impose restraining orders on abusers charged with any offence, the Home Office said.

In a bid to provide better protection for victims, courts will also able to impose an order if the defendant is acquitted.

At present, victims must go through civil courts to secure an injunction, with restraining orders only issued following conviction for either harassment or leaving someone in fear of violence.

Breaking the terms of a restraining order can result in a jail term of up to five years.

Home Office minister Lord West of Spithead said: “Domestic violence is a devastating crime with impacts across all communities.

“The additional powers announced today will also help victims in need of immediate protection and spare them the need to take separate civil action.”

Harriet Harman, minister for women and equality, said: “Domestic violence is totally unacceptable. These new restraining orders will mean that a woman does not have to go from pillar to post, immediately giving her protection from harassment.”

Publishing its ‘National domestic violence delivery plan’ for 2008/09, the government highlighted reforms such as the introduction of specialist domestic violence courtrooms.

Some 72 per cent of cases charged and brought to court in 2008/09 resulted in a conviction, a 12 per cent increase over four years.



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