NZ – A half year of hell in New Zealand – What can I say?

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A half year of hell in New Zealand


1:14PM Friday August 21, 2009



If anyone can find any reason why many of the people in the list below shouldn’t face the death penalty, much less be allowed to breed or “parent”, please let me know. Because I can’t find one.

AUGUST 20, 2009

A three-year-old Palmerston North girl dies from what’s thought to be extensive, non-accidental head injuries at the local hospital. She was named today as Kash McKinnon.


A 17-month-old toddler from Kamo, Tinisha Walker, is flown to Starship with serious injuries, where she remains in a critical condition. Police were tight-lipped about who assaulted Tanisha but they were “talking with her family”. Subsequently, a 39-year-old man is due to appear in the Whangarei District Court next month charged with assaulting her. He has name suppression.


A two-year-old Kaitaia girl, Jacqui Peterson-Davis, dies in Starship Hospital. Police confirm there are “bruises on her body” and head injuries but won’t elaborate. A woman (name suppressed) in her early 30s is charged with assault, and more charges may follow. The family of the woman, showing her full support, admit they are “struggling to come to terms” with the incident. It is then revealed that the little girl had been the subject of at least one CYFS notification during the months leading up to her death.


A four-month-old boy from Papakura is taken to Starship with “non-accidental brain injuries” and remains in a critical condition. His teenage parents are cooperating with police but the family home becomes the scene of further police investigation of other criminal activity. Neighbours describe the house as a “nonstop party house”.


Foster carer Karen Alice Robinson stands trial in the Rotorua High Court for the murder of 14-month-old Melissa Hale in 2005. Melissa died of a traumatic brain injury and had extensive bruising on her face and at the back of her eyes. Robinson was convicted of manslaughter this month and will be sentenced in October.


Motueka mother Cassandra Albert, who gave her four-month-old baby severe brain damage by shaking him, is sentenced to three years and nine months. Albert and her partner Newton Samuel Moki were jointly charged with failing to provide the necessities of life after failing to get the boy help for nine hours during which he had seizures and profuse sweating.


Rotorua man Frank James Brown, who punched his 14-month-old at least twice in the head, is sentenced to three years and nine months in prison. The injuries put the child in hospital for three nights.


A depositions hearing reveals that Kerikeri beneficiary Kyle Skerten is to stand trial for the murder of his 16-month-old stepson Riley Justin Osborne. Riley died after four days at Starship Hospital from his injuries – a fractured skull, bleeding on the brain and eye injuries – so serious that a pediatrician told the court that he’d last seen the like when a child fell 11m on to bare concrete. Skerten will stand trial in September.


The mother of a wheelchair-bound (then) eight-year-old appears in the Manukau District Court on assault charges. Some of the injuries inflicted on this boy include being beaten, burned with cigarettes, and starved. Two children still live with her. From the Herald, “[his] school found bruising and swelling around his genital area and he had blood-stained urine. Fears grew when the previously overweight boy lost around 25kg in a short period”. [His] teacher claims the boy told her he sometimes was not given dinner or breakfast and was arriving at school teary, tired “and even lifting a pencil took great effort”.


One-year-old Trent Matthews is found dead in his family lounge in Rotorua. He had been taken from his mother soon after his birth and placed in the care of his uncle Joe Matthews. Matthews’ partner Sasha Pene is charged with assaulting the boy.

MAY 14

Mary Joachim, 28, is sentenced to three years in the Auckland District Court for failing to provide the necessities of life to her son, seven-year-old Duwayne Pailegutu, who died in 2008 eight days after being savagely beaten by his step father Johnny Joachim. Duwayne was given a beating that left him partly paralysed and semi-conscious because he’d left a jumper at school. For several days afterwards he was unable to move and wore nappies because he was unable to get to the toilet he was in so much pain. According to the Herald report, “In an attempt to “shock” Duwayne into movement, Joachim dipped his paralysed foot into boiling water, leaving the largest of four scald wounds on his right leg. When he became frustrated that Duwayne could not move, Joachim threw him against a wall. And for the six weeks before his death on July 2 last year, Duwayne had been living with three broken ribs.” His mother kept her son from school and misled the school about her son’s whereabouts before he died in agony.


Jay Rhis Ian te Koha Lock-Tata dies in Auckland’s Starship Hospital after suffering severe head injuries – either having been beaten or having had his head knocked against something. His father Adam Christopher Lock, 22, is charged with his murder.


Three-year-old Cherish siliala Tahuri-Wright, known as Cherish, is found injured and struggling to breathe by paramedics at her Marton home and later died at Palmerston North Hospital. A 56-year-old woman has been charged with her murder.

– Dita De Boni

Pictured above: Toys outside a Rotorua house where Trent Matthews died. Photo / Alan Gibson



Browns Bay

3:15PM Friday
21 August 2009

Absolutely diabolical – a national disgrace. When will the Government take leadership and fix this evil rot. No-one’s saying it’s a quick or easy fix – but to wring hands and pontificate without action whilst our children are dying the most brutal and horrifying deaths must surely be in itself a criminal act. You are just as culpable for being in a position to make a difference and choosing not to.

First time mum

Te Atatu South

2:52PM Friday
21 August 2009

It is appalling the way New Zealand children get abused! Now that I am a mother myself, I understand the pressures with parenting, but that comes with the territory.

I look at my son and couldn’t imagine abusing him! And look at how much the government is spending trying to get the message across. Obviously something is not working.

I would like to know why these offenders always get name suppression! They should be named and shamed! The sentances should be tougher – there is just no excuse.

Ted Filter


2:51PM Friday
21 August 2009

And that’s just this year!

Let’s not forget Nia Glassie, Lillybing, James Whakaruru, Delcelia Whitaker and the countless others who have died agonising deaths after a short life of misery, pain and terror.

Rachel – it has to be reported, re-reported, and re-re-reported. And we must keep reading about it to keep its profile high in our list of atrocities that must be stopped. We need to be comstantly reminded that something like one of the above crimes is happening in NZ right now.

It’s not that we forget, as such, but the revulsion of reading about it is always eventually overshadowed by our all-consuming lives, our passions, our problems.

Until the next time we read about it.

G Man


2:51PM Friday
21 August 2009

Our job is to try to prevent these acts from happening. Right now children are in homes where they will learn to act this way as the next generation of serious abusers.
We aren’t born that way, we are raised that way.

People who commit these crimes are broken units and no amount of punishment etc. will affect them as they probably have been the most punished of all growing up. Like merry old England, we could export or kill all these and other criminals, but ask yourself this,

Is England now free of problems since sending their criminals to OZ?

So, you see, the issue is not one of punishment, but one of prevention and ensuring the children of today are treated well so they don’t become the new monsters of tomorrow.

S Marshall

Parklands, Christchurch

2:41PM Friday
21 August 2009

It’s hard to convey sarcasm in a posting, but I’m really glad we have the anti-smacking law in place to protect all these children and prosecute the offenders!


2 Responses to NZ – A half year of hell in New Zealand – What can I say?

  1. Irene says:

    Who do you people think you are???????? You sit there and you judge like you know all the facts YET YOU DONT!!! What gives you the right to even have a veiw on these people how do you know what they have been through, how do you know that what the media has printed is full fact. And even the way it is sometimes printed it makes it sound like they are cold hearted killers and i know for a fact that one of these people are NOT. Yes i agree that this shouldn’t be happening it’s horrible its really horrible but like i said earlier do you people really know the FULL FACTS? NO you dont all you can do is make assumptions on what the media have given you and i’m sorry but they are not the most reliable source. They are only there to get a story not to give the full veiw. And they also go off very little and just put the rest in. It’s desgusting. They ruin people’s lives without even a second thought and YOU PEOPLE WHO FEEL YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO JUDGE ARE NO BETTER. If you know the people and all the facts fair enough but to not know them and judge SHAME ON YOU TO!!!!!!!!! I’m not saying it’s alright no way in hell it’s so wrong very very wrong i just feel there are to many people going around making a bad situation worse by thinking they can go around talking about these people when they dont even know full facts. There is no such thing as INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY thanks to people like you it is now GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT what kind of justice system is that, and thats all because you feel you have the right to judge and because the media print there garbage. I feel for our children obviosly some is wrong in our systems but i also feel for these people that are being judge by complete strangers. You know maybe people shouldn’t be so quick to judge, HAVE YOU YOURSELF EVER TAKEN THE TIME TO HELP A MOTHER IN NEED????? HAVE YOU GONE NEXT DOOR WHEN YOU CAN HEAR YELLING OR CRYING TO SEE IF EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT???? I BET NOT!!!!! Before you throw stones at these people take a look in your own back yard or at people in your family, you cant tell me that you or someone you know have never done any wrong in your”s or there life, or do you once again just turn your back AND JUDGE. maybe you haven’t done anything as bad as this but the fact remains YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THESE PEOPLE. Why do you feel you have the right to judge them???? And dont tell me it’s just your opinion because you and i both know you are JUDGING them because you think you have the right. YET YOU DON’T REALLY!!!!!!!!!!! I have children of my own and i love them more then life it’s self so i am coming from a mothers prospective i will do anything to protect them anything, but i dont think i have the right to judge these people because i dont know full facts about there life. Yes it is terrible what is happening to our children but is that not a sign that there needs to be more help avaliable for our parent’s more friendly service’s being a parent is hard work but to admit you need help with your children is also very hard it makes you feel like you arn’t a very good parent like you are not worthy to have kids because you cant even look after them, public makes you feel worse not better and you sometime feel you have no where to turn WHAT THEN. We’re not all perfect like you people judging obviosuly. You people must just be amazing superwoman and superman. NOT your all just judgemental people THATS WHATS WRONG WITH OUR SOCIETY TODAY. Never mind helping lets all just judge, WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT??????? Give them the death penalty, lock them up and throw away the key, how do you think that is going to help the same problem will still be there WE NEED MORE HELP WERE YOUR NOT GOING TO FEEL WORSE OR ARE GOING TO BE JUDGED FOR ASKING. I WAS ALWAYS TAUGHT 2 WRONGS DONT MAKE A RIGHT. So maybe with all the effort you people put into judging you should put it into finding ways to helping our parents and get to root of the problems.

    • jimbwarrior says:


      Thanks for your post

      Stay Strong and passionate

      There is much work to do World-Wide to Right the Wrongs of GLOBAL FAMILY Law and Social Policy that has been damaging our **Whole Natural Biological FAMILIES** for generations.

      Onward – Jim

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