UK+ – Marriage, God, Rebellion and the State – By George Rolph

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The whole concept of a licence to get married has always troubled me because it can be found nowhere in the Bible. It was the worlds first prophet, Adam, who instituted the marriage concept and he, speaking forth the Word of God, made no mention of a licence at all. He said, “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24). Even laying aside the fact that what God had joined together no man has a right to pull apart, there is no where in the Bible where a man is given the right to join them together under a licence system either.
To apply for a licence to marry from a man is to beg for a permission from a man to do what God has already said must be done!
Man has as inherent and arrogant desire to control everything he sees, including other men. This trait of course, also precludes in them the very idea that God has a right to control anything. It is an attitude that says, “I shall be a god” and this was the very cause of the downfall of Satan himself. It is the idolatry of the self. It is also the height of rebellion against God and as such, makes those who indulge in it, enemies of God.It makes no difference to God who those are which do these things. Be they secular or religious, any man (or woman) setting themselves against God brings upon themselves damnation and unless they repent, hell is their only destination. For this reason, divorce is a very serious matter indeed.
To the secular, or even the religious rebel, what God has said is of no interest at all. Because there is no fear of God before their eyes, they will trample upon their fellow men and women also, in any way they choose to do. Stalin, a self proclaimed rebel against God and His people, murdered over 70 million of his own race and starved millions of Estonians to death on a personal whim. Proving once again that when a man declares himself to be above God he becomes nothing less than an instrument of the devil himself but, even the devil is only a prince in this world and has already been judged. (….the prince of this world has already been judged.John 14:8-11) However, despite Stalin’s absolutely savage behaviour and despite the Communist regime’s intense efforts to stamp out Christianity, when the regime fell, Churches sprang up everywhere behind the iron curtain like Daffodils in Spring. The most man centred and most controlling political system ever devised was unable to the prevail against the Church of Christ. We are seeing the same thing happen in China today also.
It may seem like a minor thing to government and individual government ministers when they believe the lie of the devil and move in any way and willfully, against the institution of marriage or any other of the commands of God. To God, however, the sin is as great as that of the devil himself because, ALL sin is rebellion against our Holy God. World history is littered with examples of those who have done this and everyone of them, without exception, pays the ultimate price for their sin. To our Holy God there is no distinction between sins. He does not judge offences the way men do. He has said, “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (Roman 6:23). This means that the man who steals the paperclip from work and the man who murders seventy million of his people are equally guilty before the Law of God. Anyone who does not follow the Son of God as His disciple walks in the Law of God and is condemned by that Law. For this reason, mankind has two options, to live through Christ or to die through the Law. Also, for these reasons, mankind is the ultimate decider of their own individual fate. They may side with God or the devil, but cannot eat at both tables.
Today we are watching an assault on God Himself, His Word, and His people that is being led by politicians who have made a choice to serve the devil. They do this because the devil will always gratify those selfish and arrogant desires in men and woman and he helps those who follow him. The result of the harvest of arrogance, greed, pride etc., are always the same; murder, lies, deceptions, frauds, lust and so on become the norm for those who will not be led by the Spirit of truth in Christ Jesus. In other words, they adopt the character of their new master, Satan. They dress in his clothes so to speak, they speak in his ways and they do his deeds but they do not see that they are nothing more than his slaves. They serve the devil yet do not understand that there is not one shred of compassion, love, truth or freedom in their master. Therefore, to him, his followers are nothing less than disposable nonentities. This is the great deception of the devil over those he controls. His followers expect of him a loyalty he is not capable of having because there is no positive or Holy trait in him. He is thoroughly and completely evil. The devil says to those who will follow him, “I will make you a god.” Yet, even the devil is not a god to any but those who worship him in error and therefore has no power to confirm that status upon any. Yet, foolish men and women believe the devil when he lies to them and prompts them to be arrogant and proud and many of these men and women are also hidden within the Church. (Matt 13:24-50)
For these reasons it comes as no surprise to Christians that the devil would hate marriage and attack it. Neither that he would hate and attack the children who are products of marriage. Anything God has made the devil will hate and seek to destroy because he hates all that God is and all that God has touched. Neither should it surprise us that the devil uses those politicians that love to lie to the people in the pursuit of the arrogant need to control others that burns within them, in order to bring this attack about. As the father is, so the children shall be also and their father is the devil and he was a murderer and a liar from the beginning and there is no truth in him. (John 8:44)
What then should Christians do in the face of these attacks?
The most important thing to realise as a Christian is that God does not need our help. For the One who said, “Let there be light.” And there was light, the devil poses no problem at all. Satan is a bug that God may (and will) squash at any time. Mankind made a choice in the Garden of Eden to know both good and evil and in doing so, became exposed to both, instead of only the good that they had before that choice was made. In this way, they became like God in knowledge but with neither the power or wisdom of God to handle the knowledge they had stolen and so they became subject to death. As a dying race without power or wisdom equal to God, we have nothing to offer God but our obedience to Him. Even so, God in His mercy and wisdom, gives us a part to play in His grand design. We are not just passive onlookers and the part we can play, if we play by God’s own rules, is a powerful part indeed.
Though God does not need our help He does ask us to serve Him so that through us, He may affect change. (Acts 3:16). God has made known His will for us in every situation by providing us with His Word. Therefore, we must apply His truth to the situation and work only according to that truth. If we do so, then we shall walk in the power of God. His Word is His Will. Even so, we should not presume to act but wait and see what He would have us to do in the application of that will. For this reason, prayer and listening for His instruction become as important as obedience through service to His will. In other words: Wait until you are told to move. Go where you are told to go. Say what you are told to say. Do what you are told to do. Do these things and nothing you do will ever fail. It is here, because of sin, that we struggle, but we must not give up that struggle, our wives, our children and our race depend upon us to be salt and light.
To all who will strive to serve God in the manner God has laid forth in His Word, let God bless them and increase their faith, wisdom and His power in them. That all may know, these are the Sons of God made through the blood of the lamb of God and the Spirit of Christ in them and as I have written it, may it also be so towards me. Amen.
George Rolph.


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