NZ – Christchurch – Taxman exposes the rot of IRD from the inside – GO David Theobald / Mick Elborado you are a HERO

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The Press;

‘It’s OK officer, I work here’

By IAN STEWARD – The Press

Last updated 05:00 19/08/2009


DRIVE-IN: David Theobald poses for a self-portrait of himself with his car “parked” inside IRD’s Christchurch office.

A Christchurch tax worker fed up with his bosses has made a spectacular protest by driving his car through three plate-glass windows in the Inland Revenue building.

David Theobald, 47, a musician and 25-year Inland Revenue employee, posted photographs on the internet of his protest, which he made at 6.30am on Saturday. The pictures showed his car “parked” in the Cashel St building.

A blog accompanying the photos said Theobald, a long-time member of rock and punk band The Axemen, “decided he had had enough and wasn’t going to take it any more after years of abuse” from Inland Revenue.

“Driving into the place that had been his nemesis for the past 25 years, he felt an eerie calm as he took the final turnoff, revved the vehicle and drove through three plate-glass windows and into the reception area,” it said.

Theobald said he was careful not to trample broken glass into the department’s new carpet because “I didn’t want to get in trouble”.

He waited “calmly” for police and quipped when they arrived: “It’s OK officer, I work here.”

Theobald appeared in the Christchurch District Court yesterday charged with intentional damage and reckless driving.

He was re-arrested and his bail conditions were altered, ordering him to stay away from the Inland Revenue building, after he stood outside and sent text messages to his workmates “to show them I’m not in the loony bin”.

Theobald is known in music circles as Mick Elborado. He has played in several bands since the early 1980s.

A picture on the blogsite of Theobald and his Mazda 626 was captioned: “Mick at grand opening of Inland Revenue’s new 24hr drive-thru in Chch.”

An Inland Revenue spokeswoman yesterday confirmed the incident and said no-one had been hurt. The damage “did not compromise activities”, she said.

She declined to comment further.

Theobald posted the letter suspending him from work, written by a human resources manager, on the internet.

“Information has come to my attention which indicates that you may have intentionally driven a vehicle through Inland Revenue’s Christchurch building,” the manager wrote.

“I am concerned that your conduct may be inconsistent with the code of conduct.”

Theobald said his actions were the culmination of a three-year employment dispute centred on “workplace bullying”.

Theobald said he believed destruction of property was a last resort after all other checks and balances had failed. “I take all responsibility for these actions. You’ve got an evangelist on your hands here,” he said.

A founding member of The Axemen, Steve McCabe, began a Facebook support group for Theobald titled “Mick Elborado is innocent”. McCabe said Theobald was innocent because he had been provoked into the act by years of bureaucratic and institutional bullying.



Mick Elborado is Innocent


Basic Info

Type: OrganizationsPolitical Organizations
Description: Mick Elborado Support and Lobby Group

Contact Info

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

Recent News

Mick Elborado was yesterday (Sat August 15 2009) charged and is now out on bail for driving his car through 3 plate glass windows at the IRD building in Christchurch, NZ, after a long period of what he considered provocative and bullying behaviour leading to him not to able to perform his duties at work.
This group is for posting and disseminating news of progress with the case and sending Mick messages of support, etc.

A STATEMENT FROM MICK (Mon Aug 17, 2009)
ask the same of anyone awake or woken up.

1: appear in court and behave

2: walk to the crime scene gathering a motley crowd of the slightly curious hoping for more action.

3: make a very short speech calling upon tony mccone senior human resources officer to resign within 24 hours if he believes the actions of ir human resources staff will not withstand the main code of conduct test of ‘the closest public scrutiny’

4: advise that because of the results of his incompetence i require payment in front of ir at this time tomorrow.

5: advise that if he does not resign and he’s found to have sanctioned any actions which arouse public disgust it’s 10 times his salary or everything he owns except his home.

6: give the commisioner of inland revenue one week to hear whether all actions can withstand public scrutiny – if not the same thing.

7: the next steps escalate to ir shifting all its banking to Kiwibankor another bank with nz ownership no matter what the cost and if they work theres leverage to change the world. You all helped!

I bet this is the first plan for world undomination transmitted by txt, facebook and hopefully youtube, if anyone films it

– let’s see anyone shut down fcbk youtube and txting in one week.

If this crazy strategy works we all work 3 day weeks and live better, all meaning NZ and the world – if it gets shut down then it was already too late, but then any opposition will be visible.

All the planets are in line and they won’t be again – forget scrabble and soaps – just for a day or so.

Huge thanks to all:

special mention to Amy, Ange, Alex, Ros, Steve, Joanne, Peter Hall-Jones, my union, and Emma Goldman.


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Jim Bailey wrote
at 8:05amMike – You are a HERO – Exposing the rot within NZ Bureaucracy is a very honourable occupation – Especially from the Inside – Up On; Equal Parenting @ Ration Shed – BLOG – Onward – Jim



Hot Wookie wrote
at 9:32pm yesterdayYeah, I always found it difficult to find a front door to this particular ”tax haven’. Even Keith Moon wouldn’t have had this much balls!Much respect!!!



Paul Wratten wrote
at 7:44pm yesterdayBy thewindows of revenue
Mickle sat down
and there he rest
and remember his drivin’

through the sheets of plate glass
emma goldman in his hand
and he parked his car
in the fo-yer




Peter Stapels wrote
at 2:08pm yesterdayExcellent, Nice Work!!! You should get a promotiion!!



Brendon Mably wrote
at 8:06pm on August 17th, 2009respect



The Axemen BLOG post is well worth the look

GO –




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