Canada – Terry Lear – A SUMMARY of almost a quart of a century of FAMILY devastation

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Having spent almost a quarter of a century in our corrupt, Anti-Male, so-called “Family” courts, it is crystal clear that they are purposely, atrociously, maliciously and recklessly run for one reason only, and that is to make countless lawyers, judges and those in related agencies, incredibly rich.


Something to remember, after Child Support payments eventually end, then Spousal Support payments will kick in for another 50 years or more.  They will even get you when you are dead.  Your death is irrelevant and it has no bearing on when your Spousal Support payments are to stop. 


You can complain to the Canadian Judicial Council, The Canadian Human Rights Commission, even the United Nations in Geneva and you will get absolutely nowhere.  They will tell you that you are just an angry ex-husband, and an angry ex-Father and that “No Wrong Has Been Done”. 


In court documents they will tell you that “The Bond Must Be Maintained Between The Mother and The Children…!”  What would happen if it stated that “The Bond Must Be Maintained Between The Father and The Children”..?


Anti-Male Bias is rampant.  Having said that, there has been the rare occasion where I have met a good Mother who has become a tragic victim.  The ultimate losers of course are always the Children and Grandchildren.  So very sad.


These shocking “Family” courts ensure that separations and divorces, which may have begun relatively peacefully, inevitably become extremely acrimonious, thus lasting forever.  This shocking hostility is carefully engineered by the courts and is continually fuelled by the incessant financial greed of countless judges and lawyers.   All we have to do is follow the “Money-Trail”.


As for accountability, what’s that?     We have “Judges Judging Judges” and “Lawyers Judging Lawyers”…  Just a filthy and disgusting quagmire.


For those couples who are currently separating and/or divorcing, regardless of which country they live in, they should immediately BOYCOTT THE COURTS if they have any sense, staying well clear of lawyers and judges etc.


These couples should share ALL of their responsibilities sensibly and COMPLETELY EQUALLY.  Only then might we have well-adjusted and successful Children down the road who will belong to asset-rich Families….. 


To stop the countless “piranha” in our courts from feasting on Children and Grandchildren, “Men, in the future, should not have any Children, neither should they get married nor live with anyone”.   That would certainly fix this mess once and for all. 


“Levels of Conflict” continue to escalate as more and more countless judges and lawyers get the “taste of blood”. 


A good friend of mine told me to check the “Definition of Genocide”, Article 2, signed in New York on December 9, 1948 and draw my own conclusions from it.  I suggest you all do the same.  You know my thoughts already.


Our Families are systematically being destroyed.  It is nothing less than outrageous, unacceptable and utterly shameful to see this happening.


It is quite obvious to even the simplest mind that if Families are forced into being dysfunctional, then crime will continually increase.   Thus more courts are needed, more police, more judges, more lawyers, more agencies….. etc., etc.  It is a carefully engineered, enormous, “Empire” that feeds itself on our Families.


Let’s be honest, what would all of these lawyers, judges, police officers and many more do, if our Children and Grandchildren were good citizens and crime-free?  


Ask lawyers, judges and many others if they would like to be unemployed?  At the same time, ask them how much their current income is……..?  Why on Earth would these people ever want a crime-free society?


Well, Thank GOD that I am finally old because I have had enough of these pathetic people and I clearly see the light… 


Shame on all of them for their Unforgivable Sins…


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