UK – Scotland -/- Ireland – Fleeing Scots mum to be charged with abduction

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Scots mum to be charged with abduction in the republic of Ireland


An Irish high court judge stunned everyone by telling the Scots mother who fled to the republic with her daughter for justice that she would be charged with abduction, although she has cooperated in every way and not broken any Irish laws.


The Irish social services had already told her that her daughter would be returned to her as her assessment period was over but now they suddenly appear to be under a new masters ruling that shocked every lawyer and barrister in the court.


Why is this case being held in a high court? Is the decision going to be political?  Are they determined not to lose face in this case and have it appears involved the Scottish NHS and the Scottish government. (Enter 007)




The little girl is eight years old and social services have told the mum to tell her to stop lying. Is a child lying when raging disappointed departing Scottish social workers told her that she will be returned to her carers in Scotland?  The wee girl was hysterical and shaking with fear which resulted in her reverting back in her habits near enough to a baby again? The present carers can prove this but now they are out of the picture. You judge! This child is to be moved to yet another carer because the present ones have become involved with the mum and daughter and have the greatest sympathy knowing what they are being put through.


Make no mistake about it this mother and child is being destroyed by politics. Does anyone care enough to highlight this case in the media for an innocent mother whose only motive is to right the wrongs done to her family and to get her family out of the clutches of social services to have normality back in their lives.


An appeal for a computer, (Laptop) does anyone have a laptop that can be sent to this mother? She is in a woman’s refuge and being well looked after but she is isolated in her communication and searching the internet for advice and information.




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