NZ – Jim Bagnall on TV3 – Cost of raising a child put at $250,000

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Dunne and others will no doubt use these figures to extort more so called Child Support from Parents, all to often deliberately estranged from their own Children by the X assisted by FAMILY Law and Social Policy hell bent on destroying our **Whole Natural Biological FAMILIES**.


MOST so called Child Support is NEVER seen by the Children it’s paid for – It mearly funds those who damage our FAMILIES and increases the TAX Take.


Dunne is well aware of this and is part of Spin Doctoring so called Child Support to make sure it looks like it helps Kids.


Up on Equal Parenting @ Ration Shed BLOG


Onward – Jim



Cost of raising a child put at $250,000

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The figures covered only basic expenses, such as food, clothes and vital equipment

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Sun, 16 Aug 2009 12:42p.m.

While parents know that raising children is a costly business, they may be surprised to find out that new estimates put the bill at $250,000 per child.

The calculation has been included in a draft study for Inland Revenue and will be used in a Government review of the formula for determining child-support payments.

The $250,000 figure covers only expenses for “average” parents raising a child to the age of 18. It does not count stay-at-home parents’ loss of income or childcare costs, the Herald on Sunday reported.

Revenue Minister Peter Dunne said it was the first time such figures had been calculated, and he described the findings as “stark”.

The costs were determined by comparing two adult households with the same estimated standard of living — one with children and the other without.

The authors concluded that parents on a high income would spend almost three times as much on a single child as those on a low wage.

They also found costs for second and subsequent children could be reduced by the use of hand-me-downs.

Not surprisingly, children aged 12 and under cost less than teens. But the figures covered only basic expenses, such as food, clothes and vital equipment.

A shake-up of the child support scheme could affect more than 250,000 parents.

Mr Dunne said a discussion document about possible changes to the 20-year-old system would be released in a few weeks for public consultation.

He hoped to take a firm proposal to the Cabinet early next year.

The present system is based on an overseas formula where payments are calculated on a percentage of the liable parent’s income.

The review could look at ways of reflecting the income of a parent’s new partner.



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