NZ – Wellington – Joseph Driessen – ‘Parenting Boys for Success at School’ Wellington City

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Joseph Driessen ‘Parenting Boys for Success at School’ Wellington City
New Zealand

Event Details:

Date: From 26 August 2009 to 26 August 2009

Have you got boys in your family? Come and hear a leading international educator in boys’ education, Mr Joseph Driessen speak and inspire you. The Seminar will cover: How to activate boys’ motivation Why challenges and goals are so important for boys What boys will read, and why How to discover the optimum learning environment for boys How to make homework part of boys’ lives How to provide structure to help boys lift their achievement Why boys value efficiency, and how this affects their grades Why many boys must have energy releases How to inspire boys to reach for high standards Why some boys need help with their organisational skills How to provide guidance and discipline for boys Mothers’ mentoring skills for their sons Essential parenting skills for Fathers How to strengthen your son’s male identity and confidence How to provide balanced parenting by split families The 5 essential ingredients for happy children in split families What to do if your son is not doing well at school 7 sure ways to solve problems at school How to help boys grow into fine young men

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