USA – UK – The sick CPS and legal system at work in the USA abusing children just as they do here! (UK)

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Hazel Spees, kiddie Porn maker, admits she made a 6 year old daughter of Wilbur GASTON, do a
kiddie PORN video, to try to create evidence against her bio-Dad that she “loved” and trusted more than
CPS creatures, seeking free federal dollars for every child they kidnap.

This is the Oregon Court Video, with added comments. To our Knowledge, Neither Hazel Spees, the foster mom – school teacher, nor the Larry Lawson the Child Protective Services Oregon State employee ever were indicted inspite of this confession in Court on the record.
This was the trial, State v. Wilbur Gaston. Jury found Wilbur NOT GUILTY, by Affirmative Defense that the judges, CPS workers, and cops ALL CONSPIRED illegally against WILBUR. Hazel is forced to read her own confession of HOW and WHY she made the kiddie Porn of 6 year old Melissa who just wanted to go back to the safty of her father, Wilbur GASTON.

Wilbur is 83 now, in 2009, and still trying to find his now 19 year old daughter, he suffered so much, and fought so valiantly to keep out of the abusive Foster SYSTEM. Melissa was run through 23 foster
homes, and was molested and abused [one says raped by a lesbian] before the age of 9. Pam married Wilbur. Pam was the “Voice for the Children”. she had, according to Wilbur and others over 50 million radio listeners, before she was killed in December 2004 under suspicious circumstances, and Oregon Medial Examiner, Karen Gunson, did no autopsy. Is that strange?


William Wagener.


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