NZ – The Incorrigible flightless Kiwi in full flight – The False Reality of WINZ

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The False Reality of WINZ
WINZ is a New Zealand Government department setup to look after beneficiaries, eg, the unemployed, the sick, the physically and mentally disabled and old age pensioners.  Sadly it has become corrupted by dishonest legislation and brainless employees.  The official propaganda is such, it has become fashionable to accuse every beneficiary of being a bludger. Sometimes this is true, but in most cases the biggest bludgers are those the system employs.  I have been approached by an increasing number of people disadvantaged by the corrupt WINZ.  Below you will find links to their sad stories.  I never realised just how corrupt the system has become until I had a double bypass and went on the sickness benefit for a few months.  I soon learned that telling the truth meant I was denied a benefit. But if you listen to the incompetent casemanagers and lie the way they suggest, you’ll get a benefit.  In other words you will be persecuted for being honest.  Sadly the benefits are $$$$$$ restricted and hardly worth the bother.  Personally I told WINZ to get completely and utterly fucked when they investigated me for telling the truth.  Wisely they backed off.  Generally speaking it is a waste of time writing to politicians.  As you will find out if you do:

 there are none so blind as those who will not see.


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