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Big Brother Alive and well in N.Z.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

By kiwi1960

Internet termination still opposed by group (article HERE )

Internet NZ remains totally opposed to termination being a remedy for copyright infringement by New Zealanders.

Today Internet NZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) released its submission to the Ministry of Economic Development’s review of Section 92A of the Copyright Act, proposing a notice-and-notice system in New Zealand as a preferred response to the issue of illicit peer-to-peer file sharing.

Last month the ministry released its policy proposal document for public comment, and submissions closed last Friday.

“Enforcement of copyright needs to be a balance between users’ rights and the rights of content creators,” said Internet NZ spokesman Jordan Carter.

“A notice-and-notice system provides the right balance for New Zealand.”

Mr Carter said notices had been shown to reduce infringement.

“A system that sends notices to alleged infringers is a low cost, clean response to illicit peer-to-peer file sharing. It is consistent with the first part of the Government’s proposal.”

He said InternetNZ welcomed the Government’s clearer and fairer approach to the issue, compared with the law that was being replaced.

The submission detailed the principles InternetNZ thought should guide policy in the area, and proposed a notice and notice system based on recent developments in Britain.

It sets out why the Government’s proposal had costs that would outweigh any possible benefits.

“The Government’s proposal would see the creation of an expensive and bureaucratic system involving the Copyright Tribunal that would add costs for government, ISPs and rights holders,” Mr Carter said.

The organisation remained absolutely opposed to termination being a remedy for copyright infringement by New Zealanders.

“Termination is an inappropriate and disproportionate remedy that will not work, ” Mr. Carter said.



So… the draconian law is back, Labours attempt to dictate to the people returns, and it is fitting to remember that this new law is the brainchild of one of our own MP’s but the direct result of the United Nations. The same people that gave us the anti smacking law.

Its also interesting how this law cam about, the U.N. held a meeting in Europe where most E.U. nations were invited, as well as New Zealand, among others. The meeting was held in SECRET, and no wonder, if this is the result.

We are fast losing our democracy to a bunch of people at the U.N. that no one has ever seen, let alone voted for.

John Key tried to justify the draconian law as necessary when he said that since we would soon have a free trade deal with the USA, our laws needed to be similar. Since then, the USA has said the FTA is on hold (again) so why is the law going ahead?

Besides, this law would NEVER be passed in the USA because it would be deemed unconstitutional by Congress. So how can John Key suggest the laws of the two nations would need to be made the same or similar?

Using that logic, when are we going to get our own Constitution, and Bill of Rights, because both those documents would have meant the death knell for the anti smacking law as well as the above law. Yes, I know we have a “bill of rights” but its meaningless, made by politicians reluctant to give the people any rights at all (and was also another U.N. gift to the people of N.Z.)

This is why they made citizen initiated referendums “non binding” on any Government. Our Politicians know whats best for us, we, the people, do not. (supposedly! And if you want proof, look at what Sue Bradford said about the referendum!)

Its time Parliament focused more on what the people HERE want and less on what the gnomes in New York are telling us we need. Its OUR democracy after all.

This bill comes of the heels of the Minister of the MSD revealing financial details of two women on the D.P.B. Misuse of that private information was a way to silence the Ministers critics…. and how do we know she wont silence the critics of CYFS by having their Internet access terminated?

You see, this law is one thing, but it, and the previous bill, had NO WAY for a person to declare their innocence. You are still going to be convicted and executed without a trial, and with no right of reply.

That in itself is an abuse of our human rights, funny because we signed up to the U.N. human rights charter, and the U.N. is behind this new law. Go figure.

So, if a corrupt M.P. wanted to silence this site, then it could easily do so with this new law… what safe guards are in place to prevent that?

This law is the new “anti smacking bill” of 2009


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August 11, 2009 at 11:21 am

Thanks for this – Good to see you back

Up on;

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Onward – Jim


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