Crosswalk Weekly – Be Not Afraid — August 10, 2009


Be Not Afraid
Tullian Tchividjian
It’s so natural to be afraid even though the Bible tells us over 300 times “be not afraid.” This prayer gets to the heart of why Christians can live fearlessly.
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Spiritual Life

Trusting God in the “Accidents”
Cindi McMenamin
Have you ever asked, “Why did this have to happen now?”
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News & Culture

The Case for (Early) Marriage
Albert Mohler
Shifts in a culture are often signalled by unexpected developments that represent far more than may first meet the eye. The cover story in the August 2009 edition of Christianity Today may signal such a shift among American evangelicals.
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A House — and a Life — Love Restored
Sandra* as told to Rebekah Montgomery
What if you lost your home and your marriage in one day? Read Sandra’s remarkable testament of God’s ever-present love in impossible situations…
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Choose to Live Extraordinarily
Cliff Young
God calls each of us–many out of what we think are our mundane everyday lives, to do something extraordinary and to really live, for Him. So who and what are you living for today? And how deep are you choosing to live your life?
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“Julie & Julia” Serves Up a Delicious Comedic Diversion
Christa Banister
In addition to fantastic acting from all of the leads (Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, Stanley Tucci), the skillful direction and winning screenplay from Nora Ephron help seal the winsome appeal of Julie & Julia.
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Michael Snyder: His Writing and His Return Policy
Annabelle Robertson
Michael Snyder understands good characters. In his debut novel, I Am Russell Fink, he introduced us to hypochondriac Russell Fink. In his second book, Return Policy, he serves up three new characters–equally distinct and comical, though more heart-wrenching.
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