USA – Study shows dad needs to be in the picture

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Study shows dad needs to be in the picture

August 7, 12:09 AM Salt Lake City Single Dads Examiner Michael Ramos

PanamaCityBeachFL /

(With special thanks to Rachel Tobin, Single Moms Examiner)

Dad has got to be involved.

A recent study found that “when mothers and fathers enrolled together in 16-week sessions to work on their relationships as parents and partners, their children were much less likely to show signs of depression, anxiety and hyperactivity.” 

The study, conducted in five counties in California, found among other things that a father’s participation increased when given tools to be a better parent.  It noted that agencies offering help tend to focus only on mothers, not taking dads in to account.

It also points out that the first five years of a child’s life are incredibly crucial to developing positive family dynamics. Previous studies have shown that children who grow up without a father, particularly low-income families, are more likely to take drugs and face incarceration.

Children benefit from both parents.  Often times the conflict that divides a couple blinds them to this fact.  If possible, parents should work to provide a schedule that allows kids to spend time with both parents. 

Though mom and dad may might not need each other, the children still need mom, and dad.  

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