Spain – Shared Parenting MARCH in progress -/- España – Paternidad compartida marzo en curso -////- We encourage you all -/- Le animamos a todos

Le animamos a todos – We encourage you all


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  Sunday, August 2, we started to walk to Santiago de Compostela … For Shared Custody, Fathers and Mothers in Equality

Hola, soy Carlos soup, chairman of the political party custody, Fathers and Mothers in Equality <ccpmi>
I start again contact you to remind you that <espero if condescendiente, comprensivo, sinned reiteración…> of a group of people we intend to walk the Camino de Santiago in August.
Sunday, August 2, we started to walk to Santiago de Compostela … For Shared Custody, Fathers and Mothers in Equal …
The intention is clear: get out, get out of the invisibility in which we are, spread the urgent need to reform family law, to establish full equality for mothers and fathers after divorce, and eliminate that cruel to orphans our children are condemned …
We invite you to do the Camino de Santiago “in custody (equal rights and obligations in the upbringing and education of children after divorce)

Join us!
¡Come a day, a number, you all are possible! Come with us on foot or by bicycle or scooter … but as you join us!
If you can not go with us, as you can Support us: our reports, tell those you know, if you come to meet us “te pilla” near where we come ….. We can organize any event, conference, conference press, meeting with the media, finding accommodation, logistical support in general … In the end, what you like and we can come good … Your help is welcome.
We concentrate in Atapuerca (Burgos) on Sunday, August 2 at first thing in the morning (around 7 hours …) to make the first few … our intention is to reach Santiago de Compostela on Tuesday, August 2e5 … If the forces accompany us.
Shared Custody, Fathers and Mothers in Equality <ccpmi>
For more information:
Telephones 696000439 and 924272543

“Camino de Santiago” in custody (equal rights and obligations in the upbringing and education of children after divorce)
– 1st phase: August 2, Sunday. Villalbilla Atapuerca-Burgos, 27 kilometers, approximately 6 hours.
– Stage 2: August 3, Monday. Villalbilla Castrojeriz-Burgos, 32 kilometers, approximately 7 hours.
– Stage 3: August 4, Tuesday. Castrojeriz-Frómista, 25 km, 5 hours.
– Stage 4: August 5, Wednesday. Frómista-Carrión de los Condes, 20 miles, 4 hours.
– Stage 5: August 6, jueves.Carrión of Counts-Terradillos of the Templars, 30 km, 6 hours.
– 6th stage: August 7, Friday. Terradillos of the Templars-Sahagun, 20 miles, approximately 4 hours.
– 7th stage: August 8, at Sahagún sábado.Descanso …
– 8th stage: August 9, Sunday. Sahagún-El Burgo Ranero, 18 miles, 4 hours.
– Step 9: August 10, Monday. El Burgo Ranero-Mansilla de las Mulas, 23 miles, approximately 5 hours.
– 10th stage: August 11, Tuesday. Mansilla de las Mulas, Leon, 25 km, 5 hours.
– 11th stage: August 12, Wednesday. Leon-Villadangos del Páramo, 20 miles, 4 hours.
– 12th stage: August 13, Thursday. Villadangos del Páramo-Astorga, 26 km, approximately 6 hours.
– 13th stage: August 14, Friday. Rest in Astorga.
– 14th stage: August 15, Saturday. Astorga-Rabanal del Camino, 19 miles, 4 hours.
– 15th stage: August 16, Sunday. Rabanal del Camino, Ponferrada, 32 miles, 7 hours.
– 16th stage: August 17, Monday. Villafranca del Bierzo, Ponferrada, 23 miles, 4.5 hours.
– Stage 17: August 18, Tuesday. Villafranca del Bierzo, O Cebreiro, 28 miles, 6 hours.
– 18th stage: August 19, Wednesday. Rest in Cebreiro.
– 19th stage: August 20, Thursday. Cebreiro-Triacastella, 25 km, 5 hours.
– 20th stage: August 21, Friday. Triacastella-Sarria, 21 miles, approximately 4 hours.
– Stage 21: August 22, Saturday. Sarria-Portomarín, 22 miles, 4.5 hours.
– Stage 22: August 23, Sunday. Portomarín-Palas de Rei, 24 km, 5 hours.
– Stage 23: August 24, Monday. Palas de Rei-Arzua, 28 miles, 6 hours.
– 24th stage: August 25, Tuesday. Arzua-SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, 38 miles, 8 hours.

• Those who are opposed to any discrimination or double standards based on sex
• Those who want the same responsibilities and obligations for parents separated.
• Those who defend the custody forever.
• Those who want to continue to act as parents after separation.
• Those who say ¡basta!! discrimination to separate the man and his family.
• Those who say ¡basta!! to the allegations false.
• Those who say ¡basta!! the Parental Alienation Syndrome (SAP).
• Those who say ¡basta!! to the sexist laws.
• Those who believe in the motto “the best parent, both parents.”
• Those who defend the principle of presumption of innocence in conflicts dating.
• Those who want to care for children from previous relationships.
• Women who want to start a family with decent men separated and their children.
• Men and women who demand full compliance with the Article 14 of the Constitution.
We are simply many more than four million people who struggle to be equal before the law.
Your party, our party, the political party of our sons and daughters:

Custody, PARENTS IN EQUAL < ccpmi >

Breaks for couples who have no cause orphan …

No to Parental Alienation!

Do not the laws sexist “gender!

Same rights and obligations in the upbringing and education of children after divorce!

¡¡¡NO MORE STATE Parricide!
Tel: 924 272543 and 696000439


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