BOOK – The Parentectomy – An exposé of the epidemic known as Parental Alienation Syndrome.

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About the Book

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In a “winner takes all” culture, children caught in divorce have become the grand prize.

Parents are only human, but when they indulge in their own unhealthy feelings and make a deliberate attempt to win a child’s loyalty, they are perpetrators of bond abuse, also known as parental alienation. Taking a rigid stance for custody in divorce often leads to the unspeakable. The Parentectomy is an exposé of the epidemic known as Parental Alienation Syndrome.

The story begins with the Sullivan family’s expatriation to Vienna, Austria, where the troubled marriage of Peter and Paige deteriorates into ruin. Without conventional connections to a network of loved ones or the judicial system she needs, Paige finds herself at the mercy of Peter’s antagonism. With the help of his retired parents who displace Paige, a pseudo status quo living arrangement is contrived to afford Peter dominion over the situation while he forms an alliance with his children, making them the most effective weapon in the crusade he has waged against his wife.

Amid the struggle to maintain relationships with her children, while separated from her family in a foreign country, Paige meets Viktor, a local, who brings a unique viewpoint to the ordeal. Their devotion to each other escalates, culminating in a dynamic that further obscures the truth. Lifestyle and philosophical differences merge in the love story combining two cultures determined to realize the best of both worlds.

The Parentectomy explores the multidimensional consequences of parental alienation— from the children’s rejection of their loved and full-time mother to the encouraging events that occur following her decision to protect her children’s emotional health and general well-being by making the ultimate sacrifice.

If you want to learn more about parental alienation and how it is perpetrated, The Parentectomy will enlighten you. If you are caught in the grip of parental alienation and the devastating consequences it has on those entangled in its complexities, The Parentectomy will validate you, restore your confidence, and raise your spirits.

ISBN13 (TP): 978-1-4415-1797-5
ISBN13 (HB):978-1-4415-1798-2


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