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Better yourself when the kids are gone

August 2, 1:59 PM

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Ask most dads, and the time when they are the most lonely is just moments after the kids have gone to be with mom.

The Xbox is off and the toys are put away.  A house that was bustling with life and activity is now quiet. Reality tells you the kids are gone, and won’t be back for a few days, a week, maybe a month.

For many dads, this low point is where self-doubt and depression take hold.  It is a funk that grips us and usually doesn’t let go until the kids come bouncing back, bringing life and energy with them.

The kids would benefit more if dads learned to take advantage of the time alone. 

Self defense classes are great.  They offer a chance to meditate, do cardio, and release aggression.

Intermountain Pilates is offering nine classes for $99 for new clients.  Guys, before you dismiss Pilate’s, know that it is great for your core.  For those seeking a more demanding workout, they offer high energy “Jump-board” classes.  The fact that the trainers and ladies there are hot is a bonus.

Did you play an instrument back in high school?  Have you ever wanted to, but never tried?  Hours of strumming a guitar can replace hours slouched in front of the television.  Summerhays Music offers rentals and rent to own, so you can try before you buy.

Kids are wonderful, but they break your heart when they’re gone.  What could be better than for them to know that a song, book, or piece of art you’ve been working on is dedicated to them?

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