UK – Ireland – Scotland – SSS – CPS – CYFS – DSS – A Big Thankyou – Hell bent on persecuting this family despite having no evidence .

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A Big Thankyou.



From the Scottish mother who fled to Ireland with her daughter. “Thank you all from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has sent me support, good wishes and helpful information. Special thanks goes to, Jimmy Deuchars, Brian McNair and Ian Josephs for their kindness”.




This mother fled to the Irish republic amid claims from Scottish social services that she was an unfit mother. Her daughter sobs for her at night and pleads with her to take her back. The mother cries and says “Thank goodness the foster carers she is placed with in Ireland are two of the kindest patient people I have ever met” If you had seen this mother and daughter together you will see they were meant to be together but the Scottish social services are hell bent on persecuting this family despite having no evidence that would stand up in court.




The Irish Woman’s Aid Refuge has been very kind to her and reports about not letting her use the telephone was a misunderstanding, not surprising the stress they are under is, not knowing what lies ahead. She has not broken any Irish laws but Scottish social services claim by taking her child away she has committed emotional abuse (a joke coming from their record of snatching) The Irish courts refused to hand over the daughter to the Scottish social workers who flew over to take her back. There never has been any court orders against this mother. It is now claimed Scottish social services are being uncooperative with the Irish courts.




We say to Scottish social services. “leave this family alone and stop interfering unnecessarily in their lives”.








Jimmy Deuchars

Grandparents Apart UK

22 Alness crescent

Glasgow G52 1PJ

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