India – Bangalore – Language change V’s Perpetuating the System : A letter to the Editor.

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Rohan, hope you can understand this.


When we talk Family Law  and  consider ‘ Ordinary People ‘ there are two major groups.

The ‘ Victims ‘ of  court decisions who are so incensed that they form groups AND the second group, the self appointed leaders.


‘ Beware the leaders who create, incite and maintain the Gender Wars. ‘


Has Leadership become transient ?

At critical times, mainly near election times, these people / self appointed leaders, appear from nowhere and call themselves Leaders and their groups, Peak bodies representing the oppressed whether it be mothers or fathers. These leaders or Peak Bodies assume the roll of spokespersons and preach the well oiled Father’s arguments or mother’s side.

The antagonism emerges and we all vote.

The election goes AND these leaders go ……. disappear into the mist.


Are you starting to smell a rat. Why do political parties support a particular side ?

You have half the answer – employment.


But there is more. For employment to flourish under this system, it is important to maintain the ‘Gender Wars.’

To maintain the ‘ Gender Wars these Johnny Come Lately Leaders ‘ appear at election time and spruik one side in a dogmatic and antagonistic way so that everyone is confused and nothing happens…. OR .. domestic violence is raised using flawed stats.


But what happens to the ‘REAL MUMS AND DADS ‘ who have been burnt by the system.

The real mums who have to return children to nasty and violent fathers who deny / lie about their violence.

The real dads who are denied contact due to lies about violence and abuse. ( False Allegations.)


These real mums and dads are not being heard. Often they are too depressed to talk for themselves and they are happy for these leaders to talk on their behalf.


The reality is that these ‘ Real Mums and Dads ‘ are both victims of lies. Agreed very different lies, but nevertheless lies.

These real mums and Dads should be united in their approach, NOT at war with each other.


Unfortunately, why the fake ‘ Gender Wars ‘ continues no one will win.

While we allow these ‘ FAKE LEADERS ‘ to represent us victims, nothing will change.


Mothers, should not be represented by the Gender Feminists as these people are not the real mums who are burnt by the system.

Likewise, Fathers should not be represented by people who use gender feminist language and attack gender feminists as they are perpetuating the system. 


They have lost sight of the real issue: ‘ Acceptance of the lie in the courts.’


What the world needs is Groups that are formed, not on a gender basis, BUT a ‘ LIE ‘ basis.

If you have been a victim of a lie in the Family Court, join this group, because it is the acceptance of lies that are causing grief, not the Gender Wars which is just the vehicle or camourflage.


Sure most of the decisions are made along gender lies, but could this be, because mothers are encouraged to tell ‘ a little white lie.’ They are told the benefits that this lie will bring, and unfortunately too many do it.

But not all cases are along gender lines, because mother’s groups are supporting those good mums, ie those mums who are telling the truth,  who have to return children to a lying and violent father. Not all fathers are good !!


Rohan, can you see how the stage is set.

Somehow we have to break this cycle.

When the collective force of the ordinary Mum and Dad Victims of the Family Court System becomes GREATER than the fake leaders the system will cumble……………… so why waste your time attacking the gender feminists.


My thoughts anyway. After 30 years it’s time to change direction.

Rgds Mark.


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I don’t know what strategy you are referring to. Let me know…


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Rohan, you are half way there ?


If you want to change the system, change your language.


If you want to perpetuate the system … keep going the way you are ?


Rgds Mark.

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Dear All,

Please read this biased, stupid article on the DV act :

Write strong letters opposing the article to:,,,,,

Thank you!

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Subject: A letter to the Editor.
Date: Sunday, 2 August, 2009, 10:02 AM



No. 56/1, 3rd main, Nrupathunganagar,

8th phase, J.P.Nagar,

Bangalore -76.



The Editor,
The Hindu.

Dear Editor,
I am saddened to read this totally one-sided, biased and feminist article:

The article is clearly misleading the public into believing the genuineness of the unconstitutional and poorly drafted PWDVA which was done at the behest of feminist groups in the U.N. and America. There is an allegation that Indira Jaisigh was paid about 75 Lakhs for drafting the law which has been criticized by the supreme court of India itself. The PWDVA does not recognise the rights of men and hence is a violation of article 14 (Equality before law). Hence, it is a violation of the constitution of India! Your esteemed newspaper has violated PCI guidelines by NOT exposing the negatives of the law and by promoting the likes of feminist groups. This is a paid article and The Hindu has deteriorated to the level of other newspapers! The public would very soon lose all faith in newspapers and media with such biased, one-sided and misleading articles. I strongly condemn the Editor of The Hindu and the article’s Authors for misleading the public with such a stupid article. Please do not publish one-sided, misleading and biased articles. Let The Hindu not become the mouth piece of feminists and feminazis! None of the feminist organisations want to address the real problems of women. They are into the business of making money through the sufferings of women by making stupid,unconstitutional laws against men and allowing women to extort money from men!



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