UK – Scotland – Ireland – A heartbreaking plea to keep a family together.

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My Family Destroyed

(A mothers story)


Sobbing profusely the Scottish mother and daughter who fled to Ireland for justice has made a heartbreaking plea for legal support to keep her family together.


Her voice breaking she went on to say “Can anyone help to end this nightmare? I have no money for barristers and have been refused Irish legal aid because the Scottish social services accuse me of emotional child abuse for removing my daughter from a place where she was extremely unhappy. I have never had a court order against me. Scottish social services snatched my two children by means of lies and deceit”


“ My daughter is having nightmares at the thought of going back there again as she is so happy living with the Irish foster carers and the thought of us being together again”.


“The social workers that travelled to Ireland from Scotland were refused permission to take her back, by a judge as there was no court order against me. When they were leaving they spoke to my wee girl and put her in a state of fear and she has been having nightmares since. I’ll never forgive them for that” “I only ever wanted a fair hearing to put my case but I have always come up against a lies”


“The barrister recommended by, i think it was Irish legal aid, told me I have been refused funding and my daughter will be sent back to Scotland.  A secret Woman’s Aid refuge that took me in has clammed up on me and refused me the use of their phone to call Scotland without giving me any explanation why”





Grandparents have been reporting child emotional abuse to social services in Scotland for years and they have been giving the impression, if there were no physical signs of abuse, it was all in the grandparents minds.   It seems they recognise emotional abuse when it suits them.


 It would appear that the social services are exercising their omnipotent power again and teaching this young mother a lesson for daring to oppose them.


To give this mother fair hearing is not in the social services best interest because they are afraid the truth would then come out. As this young mother claims she has proof of laws they have broken against her family.


Please contact,


Jimmy Deuchars

Grandparents Apart UK

22 Alness crescent

Glasgow G52 1PJ

0141 882 5658



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