Australia – F4J – Is the legal industry serving the community or just itself?

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  • Is the legal industry serving the community or just itself?
  • Michael Knight
  • 29/07/2009
  • Contributed by: BigJoe ( 7 articles in 2009 )

Has the public had enough of a harmful and a failing legal system? YES!

Are families and parents sick and tired of being treated like criminals and having their assets and finances looted by the legal system for little or no reason at all? YES!

Is the public tired of dishonest members of the legal system who line their pockets at the expense of families and hard working citizens of Australia? YES!

Is it time to overhaul the legal industry to properly safeguard the public from the constant abuse perpetrated by various members and processes of the legal system? YES!

In fact, is it not time the legal system grew up, attained a higher level of maturity and a more positive vision for humanity overall? YES!

Is this a system that an aware and awake public is not happy with, and wish to have it discontinued in it’s current form? YES!

Are the rights of Australian citizens who have done no wrong, being taken away and ignored on a daily basis, with Australians getting sick and tired of this deplorable tyranny? YES!

The answer to all the above questions is YES!

However, the reality is nothing will ever be done about it. Why?

Simply, because the legal system has a huge financial interest in their system reaching into people’s lives, stealing their money, their livelihood and often a person’s life.

It’s suspected that many good and naive people who work in the legal system have no idea of this or are too fearful to speak up and blow the whistle, exposing what’s going on. And what’s more, there is just no safe body to complain to.

What’s more the legal system is antiquated and out of touch with a brighter vision for humanity, and in many respects is just plain broken and irreparable.

What truly defines a criminal and what proportion of the legal industry are in fact criminals, committing crimes on a daily basis?

The fact is that the public has little faith in the legal industry, with many people regarding it as a mockery. The only people who promote and praise the industry, are the ones in the industry or those who get a kick back from being associated with the legal industry.

Gee, what a game. A self perpetuating industry of money, power and fun for a few, no matter what the cost to innocent people. It’s usually a game that benefits the wealthy, whilst often exploiting the rest of us righteous and vulnerable citizens.

Maybe, there will never be any perfect system created by mere humans, however where is the body or organisation that oversees the legal system, it’s corruption and problems with due process and complaints?

A body that is transparent and accountable to the general public, and staffed by everyday common citizens of Australia, just like our juries — what’s left of them.

Guess what? There is none! No surprises there.

On the brighter side, there will come a day when there will be no need for a legal system as more and more of the public wakes up.

So to all in the industry, this is a fantastic opportunity to bail out and go do something that you love and you are passionate about. A rewarding vocation that doesn’t give you ulcers and health problems, where you can sleep at night with a clear conscience, knowing that you will be creating a better world for our children, families and society.

Ah, what a day that will be…


By: Jim Bailey – JimBWarrior from Auckland – North Shore, New Zealand on July 31, 2009 @ 4:13 am

@ our best guess NZ now has 400,000+ of our one million Kids without half their **Whole Natural Biological FAMILY**. Usually the Paternal half.

NZ Family Law, Social Policy and the purveyors of it have been destroying the **Whole Natural Biological FAMILY** for generations.

Just 2 of the results.

Highest suicide rate in the World (OECD)
Highest Abortion Rate in the World (OECD)

Who is listening – Not many I have noticed

By: James Plevick from Vic, Oz on July 30, 2009 @ 10:00 pm

Licensed thieves is the best description of the legal profession. Those who gouge their livings in what is laughingly called “family law” are little better than extortionists. Judges denying individuals due process in juryless courts, claiming the right to steal the children of legally unimpeachable individuals. How long can this go on? How long are we going to allow flunkeys of the state to impose unwanted divorces upon us, loot our assets through legal legerdemain by stealing our children? Must it take a civil war before the rule of law is restored?
The divorce industrial complex is a huge bureaucratic cesspool that is nothing if not organized crime. Some of the legal crooks I’ve come across in it include Leanne Kelly, Peter Young, Michael Weston, Jasmine Ruffilli, John O’Sullivan and many, many more. All of these people should be prosecuted. Come the revolution and they may just be swinging from lamp posts.


By: Daveyone from Browns Orwellian State (1984), England on July 30, 2009 @ 1:15 pm

In case youare a little confused by my comment this is a letter I wrote to the Court albeit a rather more concillertary judge then those I have named to be shamed.
Suely this has to stop and whilst it is probably to late for us how do you stop some poor yutz entering a lawyers office for the first time, as these judges are not so ‘honourable’ as to stop you wasting your time in their courts!?!


By: Colin Ham from Vic, Australia on July 30, 2009 @ 10:17 pm

It’s not my fault I tell lies and abuse the rights of children, pervert the course of justice, abuse the system – and myself. Why? ‘Cause my solicitor Leanne Kelly instructed me to do so, plus I couldn’t resist the money.


By: The Rooster from Vic, Australia on July 30, 2009 @ 9:38 pm

If every one of us knew that all our actions are accountable and that when we stray from being good or approach a task by only doing our best; we ‘make the bed we have to lay in’. If we knew of karma, would we do what we do? I guess we would only do good if we knew that it was what we would have to wear. It is horrible to have seen my son raped by his mother, and child protection workers use the legal system to protect and habour paedophiles. The one solace that I carry is that knowledge and fact that these people will be exposed and will pay in exact measure as they have dealt out. Have no doubt.


By: ct from vic, aus on July 30, 2009 @ 4:25 pm

well written article and how true. Just one further question, are we to place the police force in the same category as the legal profession? That is, as lacking humanity, integrity and containing corrupt elements. Hiding behind the guise of enforcing the law, are the police guilty of promoting their own self interests above the greater good of society?

By: Ben H from Vic, Aust on July 30, 2009 @ 12:12 pm

The legal system is an ancient and crusty structure based on an old consciousness. Its out of date and harmful to people. Its a money making racket at best for those who gain from it.

Is that what we want for our community, our families and children and their children? I dare say not!!

Its time to get out the pruning knife and carve all the fat off the bone and anything else that’s useless and damaging to life.


By: Stuart Little from NSW, Australia on July 30, 2009 @ 10:26 am

Man made law has unfortunately extended beyond natural law of encouraging a healthy and sustainable moral code by which we can all live in peace and harmony.

It has not transcended into a wholesome culture by which we can all be proud of and support, but rather a dirty institution of selfish precedents which bring out greed and the dark side in people to war with each other.

Humanity will be a lost cause if we allow the legal profession to continue on it’s present course.

By: Daveyone from little Englander!, England on July 29, 2009 @ 3:49 pm

Cont…This I was advised of in the same weekend as my ex-partners Solicitor informed me that I should hand all rights to that original home to her new partner who with out going through the riggers of the court process for the past 5 years to obtain contact, he has rights to see my children on a daily basis and have my home handed to him on a plate. You don’t know if this guy is a paedophile or what, yet you (Pearl) was quick to scrutinise my now wife who not only brought up 2 children of her own worked as a Teacher, exams officer ( CRB checked regularly) and in fact worked in a solicitors conveyance office for several years!
It is almost 2 years since I have had contact with my natural children, although the mother did try to get me arrested for handing my son their post office pass books on his way home one day just so he could use the funds from this and a child bond set up when he was born to cover the cost of trips and equipment he may need at this time.
Needless to say the police were dispatched very robustly by me (Funny how the Dad can only be dealt with in Criminal law whilst the Mum is dealt with in Civil court!?!
Whilst I assume you are still content with your profession, eventually I will suggest my sons make contact with HHJ Pearl and inform her of what they think of her biased court performances and the effect they have had on them whilst in the meantime I will take advantage of Jack Straws ‘Open Court’ policy and as they do not have a bearing on my children any longer will have no hesitation in spreading the news throughout the media until I no longer have breath in my body!
In the meantime I really hope you can find it in yourselves (Pearl & Rhodes included!) to truly ‘serve the children’s best interest!’ Cc. Everyone capable of reforming this farce!


By: Daveyone from little Englander!, England on July 29, 2009 @ 3:36 pm

For me this only highlights further the hypocrisy of a system that pretends to have the children’s best interest at heart when it actually serves to have the opposite effect!
Having spent most of 2004 and many times in the years since securing a stable situation for my children and doing all the court asked of me, (Mainly the appalling Judge Pearl) I spent £35,000 on a reasonable contact order which remained in force until you were unable to enforce it in August 2008 (Strange as Judge Pearls laky DJ. Rhodes was able to enforce a penal notice on me for failing to allow the children to phone home in spite of it being me who had supplied them with mobile phones!) unless I succumb my children to still further investigation by CAFCASS or other Social Workers when they did not need this in their life and the only way for them to get the peace and allow them to enjoy a happy care free life style was for me to step back.
I am pleased to report having attended the past 2 parents evenings, something the mother has failed to do, I am aware of the success my eldest son has enjoyed at secondary school and my youngest ,who is not due to start secondary education till 2010, I am told “would not be out of place if he started there now!” I would put greater store in reports from school and indeed the GP then any number of incompetent social workers especially the clowns at the should be disbanded at CAFCASS!
It should be noted that having achieved a second comparable family home equal walking distance to both schools and at great financial burden to me again in the true ‘best interest of the children’ not the smoke and mirrors purveyed in Family Courts along with the earlier funds used for contact I was rendered bankrupt last year (£70,000) and face losing my current home ( having already lost the former one that all my life’s work went into for my sons) and only for a bit of luck and being able to draw on a pension fund early may avoid repossession. Cont…


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