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Host: Best Interest of Family –
Episode: EPISODE221 – Guest: Jay Fedewa, Executive Director, Family Rights Coalition
Jay A. Fedewa is Executive Director of the Family Rights Coalition of Michigan, . Jay is a proud and involved father of two children and he is very active as a leader in his community and his Church. Jay Fedewa PE, an Automotive Engineer and President of his own firm, problem solves broken systems and designs solutions everyday. He volunteers his professional knowledge and applies his system engineering skills to the court system and state government to improve the performance of families and communities throughout Michigan and the country.. Mission Statement: The Family Rights Coalition of Michigan believes that family is the cell of a society. In the healthy family, love and unconditional devotion yields the highest form of human connectivity. Communities and nations founded on healthy families create the greatest promise for a moral and economically vibrant society. Connectedness inspired by family relationships transcends all time, generations, ethnicity’s and geography. It creates a rich human tapestry and a fullness of life not achievable by any other means. Family is the foundation and center of a dynamic, civil society and a robust, growing economy that allows people to develop, grow and achieve far more than they could on their own. We believe that the institution of marriage provides natural safeguards for children, parents and the entire family that a just and free nation must labor to protect. We believe every child has a birthright to be parented equally, fully and lovingly by a father and a mother alike unencumbered by state interference even when circumstances require parents to parent apart. We affirm also that a child benefits from the love, guidance and nurturance of all family members including grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. To these ends, the Family Rights Coalition of Michigan dedicates itself to safeguarding marriage and the parent-child bond through fellowship, education, community involvement, and political activism. The FRC is concentrating on three main areas: 1.) Strengthening Marriage: This is a pro-active approach to promote Community Marriage Policies (CMP) here in Michigan. CMPs have been proven to reduce divorce by 50% and reduce society’s ills accordingly. This approach builds healthy families and keeps people out of the control of the government. 2.) Promoting Equal Parenting: The FRC wrote HB 5267 in 2005 by using Constitutionally correct language. It’s current form is HB 5411 and has been introduced by Rep. Brian Calley. 3.) Judicial Accountability: We currently have a informal court watch system that strives to hold the “System” accountable to the Constitution and the laws of the land by monitoring hearings for violations of civil and legal rights and for gender bias FRC runs the FRC-PAC, publishes The Michigan Family Defender, issues a Prescription Savings Card.
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Subscribe to our HTML broadcast notices with useful links and downloads by going to Know your Parental Rights! Advocate for your Family, network with concerned and educated parents who desire less government intervention and truly act in the “Best Interest of the Family” Bring your questions and comments tonight and join our interactive radio program at 8:PM Eastern Standard Time. Tune into Best Interest Of The Family Radio: Do you have show suggestions? Something that you want people to hear? Send us your comments to and join us on Tuesday nights at 8:00PM

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Date: Tue, July 28, 2009
Time: 08:00 PM EDT

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