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Family is a Team Sport

Siblings will tend to slip into competitive ways of thinking and behaving, giving many parents the full-time job of mediator. Recover that team feeling with activities that get the whole family working together, rather than pitted against each other.

When they disagree, help them to find a win-win solution, but don’t decide it for them. Make them practice their compromise and co-operation skills with carefully worded questions, for eg. “I get that you both want to crack the egg, but there’s only one egg in this recipe. What are some solutions that could keep you both happy?”.
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What’s on at The Parenting Place

Sibling Rivalry by John Cowan, Tues 4 August, 7.30pm-9.00pm
As a rule siblings become good friends once they reach adulthood but on the way the competition can be severe. Not all sibling rivalry is negative. This workshop will show what you can do about the constant ‘it’s not fair’ and help children grow in co-operation and appreciation of each other.

Grief – how to support a grieving child by Raewyn Miller, Fri 7 August, 1.00pm–2.30pm
Grief is what we feel when we lose touch with someone or something important to us. Grief is healthy and normal. It happens to us all sometime in our lives. This workshop is to help parents help their children to deal with loss and grief.


Plus many more…

All workshops only $10 unless otherwise stated.



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